Battle of the brambles – round two!!

October 15, 2013 9:47 am Published by Comments Off on Battle of the brambles – round two!!

Mabel Caravan

Last week, and so far this week we have enjoyed lots of sunshine in the Pentewan Valley.  Mabel Caravan has indeed been basking in the sunshine, getting acquainted with her new surroundings.

We are about to start where we left off in May, when opening the Meadows Campsite gate took place.  Since opening, all “big jobs” were put on hold whilst we looked after our guests, and the day to day running of the campsite.

This year has been about learning, getting stuck in to running a Campsite, putting our own stamp on the place, and most importantly looking after our guests. The natural beauty of the site has helped, and the fabulous location, being able to walk on the coast path to Mevagissey and Charlestown, and walk to Heligan Gardens. However, with all that we have learnt fresh in our minds, we are now getting ready to move on to the next stage of this adventure to give our guests even more to enjoy next season.

Our sunny communal deck (icluding wood burning stove) , hot powerful showers, and “grass protecta” pitches have been given very favourable reviews this season. Lots of people have also fallen for “Lottie” our Caravan who joined us in late Spring, and has had many guests, and the wildlife especially the owls have been very popular.

We have of course been saying throughout the season, that The Meadows is still very much a work in progress.  Of course, natural beauty is a 2013 - the meadows no22great  feature and everything we have done, and will do won’t spoil that in any way, but we want to further enhance it.  We also want to make a feature out of the far end of the site, as this land has not been managed for many years.

Last week, we firmed up our plans, and located the right machinery within our budget to recommence ground-works.  A  old, but fully working digger and dumper are arriving early next week, as they will make tackling this work far easier. Camp Daddy will be in charge of the digger, and watch out, as I will be driving the dumper truck, with Camp Dog as my co-pilot.

This is the area, we saved for later

Starting at the point we left off, our first job is to expose the remainder of the stream right up to where it meets our small wooded area.  This area is currently just a mass of brambles, very similar to the area cleared before we opened.  Earlier in the year when clearing the brambles for the deck and office, we found a Toyota Starlet, and not a toy one!!  Already down the bottom, we have had glimpses of a hay turner, horse trailer, and a front tractor bucket.  The hay turner looks like it could make an interest feature for up-cycling, and might sit alongside our vintage David Brown plough currently being restored.

Working with the Local Authority and Environment Agency we are also de-silting our stream later this month.  There is not much life in there at the moment due to the silting up so by doing this we hope to encourage lots of new activity,including hopefully the Otters of the valley, and improve the flow. Our stream side pitches have been very popular this season, and so with more stream exposed, there will be more pitches on this side for our guests to choose from. John is also going to put his woodland management skills learnt in Norfolk to use before he goes rusty and coppice the woodland.

That is just the start………………………………………… the winter list is a long one! The idea is if we start early, we can space it out, and fit in some nice walking, general exploring and foodie fairs in between. My National Trust “Love the Outdoors” sticker arrived this week, and I intend for us to make good use of it.

Right here, for the before pictures before battle of the brambles recommences.






Other Meadows News

We are now open for 2014 Bookings.  We are set to open in the middle of April next year in time for Easter.  Our website will be updated in the next few days but you can telephone, or contact us here at any time should you wish to book early. For returning guests, please do not hesitate to let us know your preferred area.

This week we ventured out to Fowey to Sams for an early end of season, yes we nearly made it meal with our visiting friends.  John devoured an excellent home-made burger, although he has saved  the Beast for a returning visit! I love fish and have heard soooooo many excellent reviews of the tempura red mullet that I just had to try it.  It was fantastic, and being a salad and an olive lover, the salad was as good as the fish.  We shall definitely be returning, and it was a lovely autumn evening, so we had a stroll around the harbour afterwards.  Sams is not dog friendly, and so we did feel a little mean, but Harvey is always happy to spend time in the boot of the landy as long as he has a pillow to lie on.

imageWe shall be stocking this book in our shop next season.  By then we will have walked walks 3-14 inclusive with only 15 walks in the book! These walks are all those very local to us here. It seems the book was written especially for The Meadows Campsite guests.

I am also preparing a folder containing other walks which guests will be able to borrow, and then return.  I am going to include a place where guests can add a comment on the walk, so you won’t need to just take our word for it that the walk hardly has any ups, and is a fairly easy one!!

News from Camp Dog Harvey

The log burner has been installed, and has already been fired up every night since.  That is my winter sunshine sorted, and I am one happy camp dog.  I am of course in pole position when it is lit.

For all the changes taking place this whilst camp gates are closed, I shall be looking after the interests of all of those on four legs. A majority vote was passed this week that all dogs will still visit free of charge.

To sign offIMG_7102

As mentioned in our last blog, we will now be an adults only campsite as from 2014, even though this was a hard decision for us to make.

As mentioned above, we are now taking bookings for 2014.

Please keep your eye on our blog, over the next few month, so that you can see the changes as they take place, and I promise to keep the camera close at hand.