IMG_7114Camping and Caravanning is communal, and so whilst on site we ask that you be helpful and respectful to your fellow campers/vanners. We want everyone to enjoy our site in this delightful part of Cornwall, whether you are touring, walking, cycling, or just enjoying a relaxing holiday.

If you and your fellow campers/vanners are not able to follow our required touring caravan and camping etiquette then this site may not be for you.S7000534

  1. Night owls hoot softly after 10pm, and early birds sing softly until 8am.
  2. NO naked badminton, flying of drones, or ball games of any kind ;).
  3. Even well behaved dogs have their moments. Please keep your four legged friends on a lead/under close control, pick up their parcels & exercise regularly on the lovely pathways adjoining the campsite. We do not allow dogs in the shower block – yes it seems this does not go without saying!
  4. IMG_0992BBQs  and campfires are part of camping life which we encourage. Please keep fire-pits/bbqs 3 metres away from any unit and at least 30cm off the grass. Please refrain from collecting fallen wood from the park area. The ash must be disposed of in the bins provided. Hire a bbq or fire-pit from ourselves, and we will provide everything for it, and even clean it afterwards.
  5. Love thy neighbour may be taking things a little too far. Respect thy neighbour is the level we encourage.
  6. Please walk, around the campsite, rather than drive.  It is much better for you, and our grass in wet times.
  7. Recycle, recycle, recycle, where possible and using the facilities provided.
  8. S7000293ALL VISITORS must report to reception and use the parking bays provided.  During busy periods we reserve the right to restrict the numbers of visitors on the campsite.