It’s strictly all go at The Meadows

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I find it hard to believe that nearly a month has passed since my last blog.

Newest team member “Digger”

We have been making the most of the dry weather, and really getting stuck in on site.  The newest member of the team “Digger” has been working so hard, and does not mind at all getting right in there, and very dirty.

At the moment, we are very much in the middle of everything, and so it is the “during” stage.  Progress in all areas has very obviously been made, and the site looks for one so much bigger.

Many of my days have been spent following behind the digger getting out any remaining brambles, and many evenings spent in front of the log burner picking out brambles thorns!!

De-silting of the stream has taken place, which was not John’s favourite job, so he was pleased to reach the end. This has not been done for years and years, and so a lot  was extracted.  Luckily a lot of it was just the old bank, and so good soil.  It has been drying out nicely, and now has lots of worms.  It is being used to build the bank back up, and I have been breaking up the soil and raking it.  That whole area is getting ready for being rotavated, and seeded after Christmas.  The bank is going to get a lot more light after the very overdue haircut of the trees on the other side of the bank.  It is so lovely to see all of the stream, as before it was hidden by a mass of brambles.  This is our new pitching area, with gorgeous hill views.

On the other side (shower block) afternoon, and evening sun side, we have continued where we left off last year.  Brambles out, and historic big humps in the meadow are no more.  The trees have been cut and coppiced, and new shrubs are being planted to replace those that have gone to plant heaven.

John is at this very moment digging a trench there, for the cable for our four new hook up pitches.  James and Charles our excellent electricians are here today and this is their last job.  We have fans in the shower block now too.

There is still lots to do, and this week we have spent quite a bit of time in our little wood attending to the neglected trees and generally clearing so “Digger” can get in for ditching work. December is going to be busy, as that is when our new road, or road extension goes in and the wildlife pond dug out, and ditching work done.  This means that there will be lots of soil coming out which will be used on our wings for levelling.

We are certainly keeping fit, with lots of physical work, and in the fresh air, but we are both really enjoying seeing the changes.The valley setting is such a lovely one, and looking back over the site from the wood towards the Polgooth hills makes anyone smile.

Of course, we are both very keen to get stuck in to painting, and expressing our personalities out there, but that has to wait for now!!  At least we get plenty of thinking time, for when we get back to the more finer detail.   The hay maker, and plough are still waiting for attention too, but there is still lots of time.

We always find time in our week to get out there walking, and exploring.  There are so many places to see, and we already have our favourite walks, which we like to do as well as new ones.image

Here is a snapshot of what we have been up to.


St Ives

CD Harvey has recently had poorly paws, so one Sunday, we did a bit of a driving tour.  We drove to St Ives, and had a meander round this magical place, and a stroll on one of the lovely beaches.  After crab sandwiches and chips at The Sloop Inn right on the front, we drove down nearly as far as Lands End, but not quite, getting as far as St Just. We stopped off on our return at Mousehole, which John had visited last about 20 years ago.  The Christmas lights were being put up, and we could only imagine how fantastic they would look as they really go to town, but in a very tasteful way.

The drive back was via Portleven, and Helston, and then skirting around Falmouth.  It was a very enjoyable day, and we saw lots of places that we shall be returning to as Camp Dog’s paws are now on the mend, and he is raring to go.


SWCP walk – great for dog friendly beaches

We did this walk and gave it a Len’s 10, and it was truly FAB U LOUS! The views over Caerhays were amazing from the first hill we climbed, but I forgot both the camera and my phone :(, so no pics, but a good reason to return.  This walk is highly recommended, but you would need either a pack up, or one of John’s breakfast baguettes to keep you going until you return as Caerhays beach cafe is open in season. Two dog friendly beaches on this walk, Caerhays, and also the gorgeous Hemmick Beach.


Mevagissey Harbour

The Mevagissey, Heligan, Pentewan Sands circular walk has been enjoyed a few times recently and we love it every time.  Camp Dog loves pheasant time, but it is all in the chase with him, so no pheasant casserole for us as yet.


Postbox at The Pandora Inn


A boat along the way


The Pandora Inn


A view along the way


Some houses only accessible by car at low tide

Venturing slightly further afield, and more than worth it we went off to Mylor Bridge, this side of Falmouth.  This is a walk enjoying the Carrick Roads, along the edge of the creeks.  A fairly flat walk, passing lots of lovely boats, and houses, with amazing views.  The place to stop for lunch is The Pandora Inn, which I spotted in Alistair Sawday’s excellent pub guide.  It is right on the water’s edge with a platoon over the water for al fresco dining, serving scrumptious food, fantastic views, and two log fires.  This walk was amazing, and got another Len’s 10.  Flushing is on our “must see” list, but although it was very close by, we are saving that for another time.

Camp Dog Harvey had his first ride on the King Harry Ferry, and on the other side, we had a very nice walk indeed at Trelissick Gardens.  We saved the formal gardens for another time, and enjoyed the woodland walk which was about 5 miles of lovely woodland walking, with great views.  The estate is extremely well looked after, and for a mid week day, it was very busy and it was warm enough to sit outside and enjoy our coffee and cake at the end of the walk.  Another highly recommended place, and my parents found the gardens to be fabulous when they visited in September.

Other Meadows News

Our website updates are still in hand, and we hope will be live shortly.  If you have not already heard then as from 2014 The Meadows is to be an adults only campsite, oh and those on four legs too. Sorry once again to all the kids out there.

Superfast broadband has reached this part of Cornwall.  We will have this up and running for our wifi zone by next season.

The wood pile grows daily from all the tree work being done, and so we are looking forward to seeing some super campfires burning in 2014.


Camp Dog having a paddle

News from Camp Dog Harvey

Unfortunately, I have been on “light duties” for a lot of November, due to poorly paws.  I have spent quite a lot of my time on the back of the settee keeping watch out of the window to make sure no one is slacking! My paws are now much better, and so I expect to be back on to normal duties next week.  This weekend, we are all off to Padstow Christmas food fair, and no doubt I will be sharing the boot with lots of food treats on my return.

I can agree with all of the above comments on the walks and pubs from a dog friendly point of view.  The Pandora Inn at Restronguet was my favourite pub, and the Caerhays walk my favourite walk as the pheasants were in abundance around there.


Although our website, is on catch up, we are now taking bookings for next season.  You can either telephone, or contact us here to make a booking. The Meadows is ideal for visiting the gardens of Eden and Heligan.  We are also in a great position for walking this section of the SWCP, and exploring the area on your bicycle as we are right on the coast to clay trail.

We look forward to seeing as many grown ups as possible for our second season at The Meadows Campsite in the Pentewan Valley.

This may very well be my last blog of 2013, so a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year to you all.









Busy bees – work & play time at The Meadows

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Well the campsite gates are closed, and the bunting has been taken down and washed and ironed 😉 ready for next year. Lotttie and Mabel Caravans have been dressed up for photos, and now dressed down for winter, and our small  campsite seems very quiet indeed.image

To mark closing and surviving our first season I was treated to a new outfit – a green Boilersuit! It takes me back to when I was about 10 and my mum and dad bought me a Massey Fergi Boilersuit for Christmas. The new one has had lots of use already as we have been working very hard “down field”. It is now possible to see all the way down stream to our small wooded area. The view from what will be our new stream side pitches, is gorgeous over the hills with the sheep and cows grazing. The view is worth every one of the extra few paces to the showerblock in my opinion. We are certainly loving taking in the views working “down field”.


Not quite an “amazing space” 


For making hay when the sun shines

Before the “big storm” lots of the trees over the stream had already received a drastic haircut. The mass of brambles have also been attacked with some vigour, which is what they needed. Unsurprisingly, our finds have included a haymaker, 15 old aliminum windows, 2 old trailers, and an “amazing spaces” horse box.  These are in addition to our other recent finds, and our dumper truck has made life easier getting our finds up  field.

The wood we have taken down, has been logged, and is now seasoning, for all next years campfires so we have wood a plenty. Our wood piles are huge, and there is no danger of us running out.

We have almost finished the clearing stage of the work, and the bank area is to be raised from what we take out when extending the road, and creating our wildlife pond.

Our next task which we start on Monday is to de-silt the stream, and we have already made our sandbags. We expect it is years since it has been done, and another task that is new to us, and for which our digger will make easier. Once done the stream will have a much better flow, the water table on site should be lowered and it will look a much nicer feature. For 2014 we will have some new perches for guests to sit by the stream, made by Camp Daddy out of some of our biggest logs.

News from Camp Dog HarveyHarvey's day off

Boot-camp is well under way, and is great fun. We have been checking out lots of new dog friendly walks, beaches, and a few dog friendly pubs along the way.

The new SWCP walking book is getting lots of use, although the walks are never followed to the letter, and usually involve an extension or two.

What is amazing is how many fabulous walks there are so close to my home at The Meadows Campsite and which I can share with my guests. The beaches round here are all so lovely, and at the moment, Caerhays is my current joint favourite with Hemmick Beach.


Mevagissey harbour in November

My favourite walk from Camp Gates is the Mevagissey circular walk, especially on a Sunday morning.  The walk there is on the Pentewan Trail skirting the edge of Heligan, stopping off at a nice little cafe in Mevagissey for coffee. There is usually a couple of old boys in there who enjoy a gossip! As the “pooch ban” is off now for Pentewan Sands, we return on the coast path, scrambling down to the cove that joins up with Pentewan Sands and finish the last section with a stroll on the beach, and a bath in the sea. We all like this walk, and I am off my lead for almost all of it, and the scenery and sniffs are just fab.

I was sent out on a mission to check out a few beaches close to Camp, and how good they are for those on four legs.  We all like Duporth, and we parked in Charlestown and had a very lovely walk to both Duporth and Porthpean along the coastal path.  The two beaches are very similar, and both very lovely indeed. The walk and views are lovely too, looking out to the Gribbin Head daymarker and around St Austell Bay.


Carylon Bay from its best side

Carlyon Bay, is a little bit odd.  It could be fantastic, and if you look ahead out to sea and ignore the unfinished work it is.  This is a great big beach, so great for a fun.  Parking is also free, but there are a few steps to climb down.  We walked the whole length, scrambled up at the end and walked back on the coast path dodging golf balls along the way.

One afternoon, we knocked off early, and took a lovely walk from the gorgeous Gorran Haven, along the SWCP to Vault Beach.  I like this beach, and there were lots of sniffs, feathers, and best of all we had the beach to ourselves.  There are lots of lovely walks to be done taking in this beach, and also my favourite Hemmick Beach.

Note to my four legged guests – Carlyon Bay, Duporth & Vault Beach are all year roundpaw


St Just in Roseland Church


Gorgeous Towan Beach


St Mawes


St Just in Roseland

Just a little bay along the way

In view of our busy time ahead, we took this weekend off to recharge our batteries.  We have enjoyed two long, but fabulous walks around the St Mawes area.  We visited Towan Beach, Porthscatho, Gerrans Bay, St Mawes itself, St Just in Roseland and Froe Creek.  Here are just a few little pictures of our days out.  St Mawes is gorgeous, The Royal Standard at Gerrans Bay made a lovely lunch stop, and the whole area which is really very close to Camp is fantastic.

My girls (our chucks) are laying very well indeed at the moment so must be happy hens.  Its a good job we all like eggs, in one form or another and my favourite is softly boiled on top of a bit of Bakers.  Keep up the good work girls.

Other Meadows news

The parts of the website, best left to the experts are currently being updated to reflect our 2014 changes.  If this is not complete by the time you read this, then it will be so in the next few days.  We are amazed how much thinking ahead everyone is doing, though the 2013 heatwave has no doubt helped everyone is doing for 2014.  Great though to have a camping or caravanning trip already planned for 2014 to look forward to.

Mabel Caravan – has been treated to some gorgeous bits and bobs ready for her 2014 guests.  Being on the classy side, I treated her to some gorgeous pearl fairy lights.  I have also made some nice liners for her cupboards, and lots of other bits and bobs.  One sunny day, I set up the table and took some pics for the website.  Mabel Caravan’s garden will get completed in early Spring.

Mabel and Lottie Caravan are both lovely for a special stay away as rather “quirky accommodation”.  If you want to book a stay in one of our vintage caravans, then please contact us by telephone or email.

Bookings – if you want to book in early at The Meadows Campsite, Pentewan, and have a holiday to look forward to, we of course are happy to book you in.  Please either contact us here, or telephone 01726 844383 to make your booking.  We are a small quirky campsite, close to Mevagissey, and great for Heligan Gardens and Eden.  We are also dog friendly, a park for adults only, and cater for campervans, caravans, tents (all shapes and sizes), and motorhomes. The Meadows is ideal for a walking, or cycling holiday in South Cornwall.



Autumn happenings at The Meadows Campsite, Cornwall

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Discussing their winter “down time”

Well, we are now in to our last week of the season, before the Campsite Gates will close.

As we have been fairly quiet on site, we have all been busy getting on with jobs on and off the site.  To keep team spirit up for the hard winter work ahead, we have made time for enjoying the beautiful area we live in.

Camp Dog Harvey is always thinking about his guests, and so we have enjoyed many walks, usually including a beach, and sometimes a pub for lunch.

Here are some snapshots of our recent walks, and the places we have been checking out on behalf of our guests

Walk 1 – 

View walking down to Menabilly House

This walk was taken from the SWCP Plymouth-Falmouth SWCP Book, which we will be stocking in our shop next season.

Polridmouth Cove – Walk 1

Gribben Head – Walk 1

It was quite blowy on this walk and so pictures are not the best.  Excellent walk, with crab sandwiches & chips at The Rashleigh Arms, Polkerris.  Marks for this walk 9 out of 10.

Walk 2 –



Caerhays Beach in October


Portloe fishing village

Our next walk was on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon.  It started and finished at Caerhays Beach.  This beach is Camp Dog’s vision of  “doggie heaven”.  The beach is sandy, with gorgeous rock pools and big waves.  Right next to the beach and all around the area are pheasants in abundance.  The walk was along the SWCP, to Portloe, a gorgeous fishing village. Lunch stop was at The Ship Inn, Portloe.  Whitebait with lovely fresh bread and a pint of the local tipple was enjoyed to ensure we had enough energy for the return section.

We did the same route back, just because the weather was so lovely and we enjoy walking the coast path so much.  Another play on the beach, skimming and chasing stones, and then back to camp.

Beach 10 out of 10

Walk 8.5 out of 10

Walk 3 –


Rock pooling at Hallane Beach

This walk started from The Meadows.  Camp Dog Harvey thought it was just his normal, but very lovely walk to the village along the river, as that is where it started.  Once in the village we picked up the coast path heading towards Black Head. The views are fabulous, and there are some big ups and downs, but a lovely walk.  We  passed Polrudden Cove, as the clamber down does not look an easy one.  Next we came to Hallane Beach, which is a gorgeous little cove with an old house right on the beach and a waterfall.  Camp Dog Harvey had a paddle and a good climb over the rockpools.  We headed back up passing through the beautiful hamlet of Trenarren, along the little Cornish lanes until back on to the Pentewan Valley Trail near to London Apprentice, where we headed back to camp.

Beach 10 out of 10 from Lynn.  7 out of 10 from Camp Dog, as not big enough for a good run, but great for rock climbing and paddling.

Walk 9 out of 10 from both, as Camp Daddy did not join in this walk.

Walk 4 –


Heading down to Hemmick Beach


Dodman Point

Making the most of our new “Love my Outdoors” NT membership, we headed off to Penare.  Parking here, we walked down to the most gorgeous Hemmick Beach. We spent a good while on the beach, before heading off on the coast path around to Dodman Point.  Great views from Dodman Point around the coastline.  It was then back over the fields, “Bull Walk”  continuing with the glorious views before arriving back at Penare car park.  On the way home we stopped off at The Rising Sun in Portmellon and had a drink outside.  Camp Dog Harvey had a stroll on the beach, and a sea bath, and then we returned home.

Walk – 9 out of 10.

Hemmick Beach – 12 out of 10 from Camp Dog, and the same from us.  We also had the beach to ourselves which was fabulous!

Walk 5 –

You won’t see that anywhere else.

We consider ourselves very lucky to live within walking distance of the Lost Gardens of Heligan.  At the moment Heligan are celebrating harvest festival and so have some wonderful displays.  The more formal gardens are always lovely to look at.  However, the more outer area where the woolly back sheep, and the lost valley is make for very interesting walks.  Camp Dog Harvey introduced himself to all of the animals, including the tamworth pigs, black turkeys and dexter cattle.  We had butternut squash soup with a cheese roll for lunch, followed by coffee, and homemade cake.  Camp Dog Harvey was very well behaved, so we took him for a run around on Port Mellon Beach before returning back to camp.

Other Meadows News

We are of course going to be an adults only site from 2014, which may be already old news.  We have had some odd questions, as to what this means, and so……………..

Being a natural quiet site with an open stream and without play facilities, we are not really suitable for children, especially younger ones. However, and I feel I do need to clarify this, “adults only” does not mean a site full of naked people playing badminton, nor does it mean a “swingers” site.  My apologies, but it had to be said although lots of the questions have made me smile!! We are not that keen on the phrase “adults only”.  However, this is the most common search term, and we need to be “google” friendly in today’s modern internet world.

We welcome “growns ups” of all ages, who want to enjoy this beautiful area of South Cornwall.  We can cater for some rallies, and we do not IMG_6820object to small group bookings, provided all are happy with our camping etiquette as we are a quieter site.  This area is ideal for walkers, cyclists, and those wanting to visit the many many places local to us with our fabulous location, in particular gardens. The Meadows Campsite, is great for camping and caravanning for Mevagissey and Pentewan Sands. We are also a great campsite close to the famous Eden Project, and we are dog friendly.

Groundwork has begun………………….

Clearing for new stream side pitches


Work “down field”

Work “down field” has begun.  The digger, and digger driver John have been working hard.  There is a large area that first has to be cleared, and this is well under way.  Lots of dead wood has been taken down over the bank, and masses of brambles pulled up.  We have recovered a couple of old Vintage Fergi Implements along the way, together with a set of windows, and 2 trailers.  There have been further sightings and so there are more finds to come.


Vintage Fergi find!

imageHere are some pictures of the work taking place, and our finds along the way.

We have put in hand our plumbing and electrical winter work.  On the list are four extra electric hook up points on the “shower block” side, and fans for the shower block. On the plumbing list is an extra sink for dishwashing, and replacement of the small basins in the shower block with bigger ones.  All quite minor work. We shall also be putting up some more shelves by the basins and hairdrying station at the request of the ladies.

deb's pictures 006

Manning the booking line

The team will be around and about on site this winter so good for those who like to book well in advance.  To book one of our pitches, or one of our gorgeous caravans that we have to rent, you can contact us here.  Alternatively please telephone 01726 844383 and we shall book you in, so you have something to look forward to.




Battle of the brambles – round two!!

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Mabel Caravan

Last week, and so far this week we have enjoyed lots of sunshine in the Pentewan Valley.  Mabel Caravan has indeed been basking in the sunshine, getting acquainted with her new surroundings.

We are about to start where we left off in May, when opening the Meadows Campsite gate took place.  Since opening, all “big jobs” were put on hold whilst we looked after our guests, and the day to day running of the campsite.

This year has been about learning, getting stuck in to running a Campsite, putting our own stamp on the place, and most importantly looking after our guests. The natural beauty of the site has helped, and the fabulous location, being able to walk on the coast path to Mevagissey and Charlestown, and walk to Heligan Gardens. However, with all that we have learnt fresh in our minds, we are now getting ready to move on to the next stage of this adventure to give our guests even more to enjoy next season.

Our sunny communal deck (icluding wood burning stove) , hot powerful showers, and “grass protecta” pitches have been given very favourable reviews this season. Lots of people have also fallen for “Lottie” our Caravan who joined us in late Spring, and has had many guests, and the wildlife especially the owls have been very popular.

We have of course been saying throughout the season, that The Meadows is still very much a work in progress.  Of course, natural beauty is a 2013 - the meadows no22great  feature and everything we have done, and will do won’t spoil that in any way, but we want to further enhance it.  We also want to make a feature out of the far end of the site, as this land has not been managed for many years.

Last week, we firmed up our plans, and located the right machinery within our budget to recommence ground-works.  A  old, but fully working digger and dumper are arriving early next week, as they will make tackling this work far easier. Camp Daddy will be in charge of the digger, and watch out, as I will be driving the dumper truck, with Camp Dog as my co-pilot.

This is the area, we saved for later

Starting at the point we left off, our first job is to expose the remainder of the stream right up to where it meets our small wooded area.  This area is currently just a mass of brambles, very similar to the area cleared before we opened.  Earlier in the year when clearing the brambles for the deck and office, we found a Toyota Starlet, and not a toy one!!  Already down the bottom, we have had glimpses of a hay turner, horse trailer, and a front tractor bucket.  The hay turner looks like it could make an interest feature for up-cycling, and might sit alongside our vintage David Brown plough currently being restored.

Working with the Local Authority and Environment Agency we are also de-silting our stream later this month.  There is not much life in there at the moment due to the silting up so by doing this we hope to encourage lots of new activity,including hopefully the Otters of the valley, and improve the flow. Our stream side pitches have been very popular this season, and so with more stream exposed, there will be more pitches on this side for our guests to choose from. John is also going to put his woodland management skills learnt in Norfolk to use before he goes rusty and coppice the woodland.

That is just the start………………………………………… the winter list is a long one! The idea is if we start early, we can space it out, and fit in some nice walking, general exploring and foodie fairs in between. My National Trust “Love the Outdoors” sticker arrived this week, and I intend for us to make good use of it.

Right here, for the before pictures before battle of the brambles recommences.






Other Meadows News

We are now open for 2014 Bookings.  We are set to open in the middle of April next year in time for Easter.  Our website will be updated in the next few days but you can telephone, or contact us here at any time should you wish to book early. For returning guests, please do not hesitate to let us know your preferred area.

This week we ventured out to Fowey to Sams for an early end of season, yes we nearly made it meal with our visiting friends.  John devoured an excellent home-made burger, although he has saved  the Beast for a returning visit! I love fish and have heard soooooo many excellent reviews of the tempura red mullet that I just had to try it.  It was fantastic, and being a salad and an olive lover, the salad was as good as the fish.  We shall definitely be returning, and it was a lovely autumn evening, so we had a stroll around the harbour afterwards.  Sams is not dog friendly, and so we did feel a little mean, but Harvey is always happy to spend time in the boot of the landy as long as he has a pillow to lie on.

imageWe shall be stocking this book in our shop next season.  By then we will have walked walks 3-14 inclusive with only 15 walks in the book! These walks are all those very local to us here. It seems the book was written especially for The Meadows Campsite guests.

I am also preparing a folder containing other walks which guests will be able to borrow, and then return.  I am going to include a place where guests can add a comment on the walk, so you won’t need to just take our word for it that the walk hardly has any ups, and is a fairly easy one!!

News from Camp Dog Harvey

The log burner has been installed, and has already been fired up every night since.  That is my winter sunshine sorted, and I am one happy camp dog.  I am of course in pole position when it is lit.

For all the changes taking place this whilst camp gates are closed, I shall be looking after the interests of all of those on four legs. A majority vote was passed this week that all dogs will still visit free of charge.

To sign offIMG_7102

As mentioned in our last blog, we will now be an adults only campsite as from 2014, even though this was a hard decision for us to make.

As mentioned above, we are now taking bookings for 2014.

Please keep your eye on our blog, over the next few month, so that you can see the changes as they take place, and I promise to keep the camera close at hand.








We want you to hear it from us first…………………………

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IMG_7102Usually I am very upbeat when I am blogging, but this is a difficult one.

For those who have been following our adventure, you will be aware that this has been our first season.  We took a very big personal gamble buying “The Meadows”, and we have learnt so much from day one.  We are so committed to the Campsite, and indeed people often comment that it has the feel of staying in an extension of our home!  However, business is business, and can be tough at times especially for new ventures, and we want to be around for a long time yet.

Firstly, we want to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to every one who has stayed with us this season, and made our time so enjoyable.  The weather on the whole has been kind, and we have learnt so much, along the way.  We did only have 12 weeks between purchase, and opening and so we always had our work cut out just to get open.  Running a campsite, is a full on job, but a very enjoyable and rewarding one, and we have, by working very hard managed to run it as a small team of three (including Camp Dog Harvey). All feedback, that our guests have been kind enough to share with us, has been very much appreciated, as you are the experts.

The Pentewan Valley is a beautiful place to be, and the area is a wonderful one with lots going on.  The two neighbouring parks have also changed hands this year, and most people are also familiar with Pentewan Sands holiday park in the village, so there is a lot of choice.  All of these parks, are very geared up for “families”, and are run by a much bigger team.

Being a small site, run as a couple, we cannot compete, nor do we want to with our neighbours.  We want to continue running the campsite, as a small, natural site further enhancing the natural features of the stream, and wooded area.  With four “family friendly” parks, within a few paces of our site, and two more within just a mile or so, we  feel we have to stand out and be different to survive!!

We have made a decision, partly with our “business heads” on, as we have really enjoyed families staying with us on the site. As from next season we will be a campsite/touring park for “grown ups” and “dog friendly”. This means we can offer something different in the Valley/wider area, and also continue running the site as a couple ( and Camp Dog, of course) . The latter is also very important to us , in leading a simpler life which is what we wanted to do.

We hope that our guests will try and understand our decision.  Feedback was invited this season, and we had lots of requests for a “children’s play park”, and all options open to us have been considered.

I am in the process of updating our website, but need some assistance, on the technical aspects, so it may be another week or so.  This is the major change, and there are a few other small changes.  For this winter, there will be a lot of further improvement work carried out on site, and plans are already in place. There will be no “resting on our laurels”, but lots of walking of the South West Coastal Path is also planned.

News from Camp Dog Harvey

Site Foreman

Back to being Site Foreman on 1 November.

My theory is that the above decision has been taken in the interests of my waistline only. Who will feed me all of my treats now?! Boot-camp starts on November 1st, and I am shaking under the desk at the thought.

For all of my past and present guests on four legs, I can personally reassure you that there are no real changes for you.

And so………..

If, we have not upset you, with the above news, and any grown ups (between 18 & 105), would like to book for 2014, then we are now taking bookings.  You can either contact us here, or telephone Lynn, or John on 01726 844383. For any parents wishing to throw tomatoes, or similar at us then please try and see this as a positive.  We know now that grandparents take a far more active role, and you now have a Campsite you can escape when the opportunity arises for a romantic weekend away.  For those those families who stayed with us, and who fell in love with the area, which we do understand, our neighbours are much better experienced at running “family friendly” sites, and have special facilities for little people, and more people to look after them.


Camping and caravanning in Autumn is ideal for………………….

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IMG_6785Driving in to Mevagissey today, I heard on the radio that we are in for a fabulous October!  The Indian Summer was apparently delayed due to the good old jet stream, but is now en route to Cornwall.

Today’s weather news got me thinking, that really Autumn is such a good time to get away, and set yourselves up for the winter months.  With all the mod cons now in the caravans, motorhomes and tents for keeping warm on chilly evenings, our hot showers  & breakfast delivered to your unit, there really is no excuse not to take time out and visit us here at The Meadows Campsite near to Mevagissey.

I am going to try and encourage and tempt you now to get away, by highlighting some of the simple pleasures of holidaying in Autumn, close to Mevagissey, Charlestown, Fowey and St Austell, South Cornwall.

Long walks on the nearly deserted Cornish Beaches.  

These walks are best enjoyed with your pooch, and a good way of blowing away the cob webs, and enjoying the sun lying low in the sky.carlyon

Check out Camp Dog Harvey’s page for some suggestions, or if you are without a pooch then Pentewan Sands beach is a good beach to start with.  A must for me is to take your coffee from the Gorran Haven Cafe in a “proper” mug and sit and drink it on the beach, watching the waves.  This would then be followed by a good walk over the cliffs to the very deserted long sandy Vault Beach.

At the end of the returning leg of the Gorran – Vault walk, you could stop off and enjoy lunch in the lovely Barleysheaf Pub just up the road at Gorran Church Town.

For some more suggestions for walks in the area check out the South West Coast Path website, and in particular the Autumn Ambles for South East Cornwall.

For some fabulous pictures of the walk from The Meadows to Charlestown, and for just some fab pictures generally, check out  Skooby Blue and Simon stayed with us here for a few nights this month.  Prior and post Simon’s visit, we had been enjoying the pictures of his trip around Cornwall, on twitter, as he is a fantastic photographer. We felt honoured when Simon did a photo blog on The Meadows, so please take a look and see if you agree.

A cosy pub lunch

With an “r” in the month, Autumn is the best time to feast on a lunch of mussels and chips.

polgoothinnWe can show you the route to walk from The Meadows to the lovely Polgooth Inn along bridleways and foothpaths with gorgeous views of the bays. So far on our mussel test, the Polgooth’s come out top. If the day is an autumnal one, then you can cosy up in front of the log fire. However, with the promise of an Indian summer , you could be sitting in the Polgooth’s garden basking in the midday sunshine.

For Sunday lunch, the best we have had so far is at The Crown Inn, St Ewe.  This is a traditional inn, and the Sunday lunch is just like your mum would cook, and the pub is dog friendly.

Visiting the Lost Gardens of  Heligan or Eden

Due to Cornwall’s milder climate, the gardens are fabulous to visit in the Autumn months.  You can expect to see lots of the more exotic plants, and lots of spectacular autumn colours.  Heligan also have foraging events, and Eden have a beer festival taking place in October.  Gardens and beer, surely go together!

Whilst at Heligan Gardens, take a mooch around Lobbs Farm Shop and pick up some delicious treats for dinner, or supper.

Whilst being completely biased of course, all of the above, are best finished off with a night at The Meadows.  You can snuggle up in your tent or caravan, or indeed our Vintage Caravan Lottie.  Here you can watch the night drawing in, and listen to the owls tooting, whilst playing a game of cards or scrabble. Electric hook up is a near must, or for the very hardy pack your crocheted blankets to keep out the evening chill.  Our favourite autumn warming drink is the South Devon Chilli Farm’s Chilli Hot Chocolate drink.   

If you are more than a little bit tempted, hold off putting your tent away for the year, or caravan in to storage.  You don’t need to book in advance, but you can if you want to.  We are happy for you to arrive just as the Indian Summer makes the promised appearance and pick your sunny spot on site.  Should you wish to book, or let us know you are on your way you can do so here, or by calling 01726 844383/07712599745.

News from Camp Dog

37 days left until I am off official duties, and can enjoy all of the above, and more!!  Yes, I am now on countdown :), but will continue working very hard until the end of season to keep my guests happy, and  well looked after.

Mabel  – our new, but old caravan is still in Leicestershire, where my granny and grandpa are enjoying sitting in her having their afternoon pot of tea. Mabel will be arriving on site in October and we are all really excited.

For all your new four legged visitors planning on making your first visit to The Meadows, I can show you dog friendly pubs where they let you sit by the fire and the best dog friendly beaches.  Here at The Meadows we are a very dog friendly, and generally friendly and relaxed campsite, in a walkers and cyclists haven.



Lottie Caravan is getting a sister…………….

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LottieLottie, our gorgeous vintage caravan has been so popular this summer.  We have been saying Lottie Caravan was on the lookout for a sister, and we have now found her one.  No pictures available just yet, but watch this space……. Lottie and her sister will both be available to rent for vintage caravan holidays in 2014. Lottie can still be rented this season for a cosy autumn stay, as she comes with a heater.  Her beach hut lights also now look lovely with the nights starting to draw in.

The Meadows Team were very quick to christen our new caravan, and she is called “Mabel”.  At the moment Mabel is still in Leicestershire, gettingIMG_7013 ready for her journey down to Cornwall to meet her sister Lottie.  Mabel is another Castleton Vintage Caravan, but a different model to Lottie, and has her own personality. Castleton Caravans are quality caravans, (the Rolls Royce of their time) and it is unfortunate that their members’ club closed down in August this year. We had hoped for a members trip to The Meadows, and a line up of different Castleton Caravans. Mabel is going to be sited next to the stream, looking down the meadow field, and is a good sized two berth caravan.  My head is full of ideas, for making Mabel beautiful and fun, and so I cannot wait for her to arrive on site, so that I can get stuck in. This is one of many autumn/winter projects for The Team, and Camp Daddy will be in charge of Mabel’s outdoor space.

We have had some very hardy campers staying with us this week, who have managed to smile through the rather poor weather.  Those who picked this IMG_7085week, have been very unlucky, but they have still had a good time. Our campers still got out and about in their wet weather gear and wellies, enjoying the local walks, and escaping the rain in the many fine pubs, that we are lucky to be near to.  The lucky campers are going to be those joining us this weekend, as next week looks to be lovely and warm, with quite a lot of sunshine.  That will make next week a fabulous week for long walks, pub lunches, and back to camp for a cosy evening in your caravan, campervan, or tent. Looks like great evenings next week for sitting out with a firepit, toasting marshmellows :).

We have hook up pitches available next week, and “proper camping” pitches for the hardy autumn campers out there.  Hardy campers, can visit at least knowing that they have fab hot and powerful showers to warm them up.  Lottie Caravan is also available Friday, to Friday for either a weekly or short break stay.  Lottie has a lovely view right down the meadow field so great for watching camp life, and it looks like deckchairs on the beach weather so they are all there ready to go.

IMG_6785So for all those lucky folk out there, who have either picked this coming week to take their holiday, or those who can just pack up and go we would love to see you.  You can book in advance, or just turn up and choose your spot on arrival. Contact us here, or telephone 01726 844383. Check out my last blog, to see all the events still happening in the area, for those  days off from walking & cycling!

News from Camp Dog Harvey

The ratio of females to males in this Meadows Team is rather worrying!! I now understand we have Mabel arriving on site shortly.  I shall be checking Mabel out, as soon as she arrives on site.  Camp Daddy and I have our own ideas to balance up the numbers.


I have had a school boy hair cut recently, and so am looking very smart.  My shorter hairstyle also shows off my neckerchief to a treat.  Unfortunately (for me) the “its all hair” not longer works, so it has to be muscle from all the hard summer work.

The best news of all is that in return for all of my hard work over the season, and ready for “down time” my wish for a log burner for my lazy winter Fat dog slim evenings has been granted.  I do not have any difficulty with communicating that I want the burner lighting, as I had lots of practice in my old home.  There is also no doubt in the house, about who has pole position when the burner is lit.  All my hard work over the summer has been worth it just for that!!!

The deer have been spotted on site again recently, and the owl continue to hoot and toot loudly at night.

Polgooth InnI enjoyed my first night out since Camp Gates opened this month.  The choice as to where to go was mine, and I opted for The Polgooth Inn.  Being seated under, not around the table the carpet is comfy, I get treats, and my owners are very happy as the food is so good.  The Polgooth is very dog friendly, and just as humans like people watching, the Polgooth is good for a bit of dog watching.


We hope to see you soon, and before the end of our season if you can make it. If you have not been before, The Meadows is a small dog friendly campsite in Cornwall, on IMG_7102the edge of Pentewan, and close to Mevagissey. We are ideally placed for walking as there are lots of walks on the doorstep including a walk up to Heligan Gardens on the Pentewan Valley Trail.  We are also close to Charlestown, Fowey and the famous Eden Project.  The site directly adjoins the Pentewan Valley Trail, which forms part of National Cycle Route 3, and also links up for walkers to the SW Coast Path. We also have bus stops either side of the road, and so this makes holidaying in a motor home much easier.




The last of Cornwall’s Summer Festivals, and they say the best are left until last….

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With this being our first season, The Meadows Team (me, Lynn, John & Camp Dog Harvey) are very much in to getting “in the know”. We want to ensure that our guests experience as much as possible during their stay with us, whether this be on a foodie element, or walking and cycling around the area.IMG_6820

We are extremely pleased to learn that there is still so much going on during the months of September and October.  This makes September and October an ideal time to spend some time down in the South West where the colder weather arrives much later than up North.

With Camp Dog Harvey’s assistance, I have been carrying out my research, and here are some of the things The Meadows Team would be enjoying if we were on holiday in Cornwall, basing ourselves at the lovely Meadows Campsite, Pentewan.

imageFirstly, what is happening at Eden – Camp Chef would have been down to Eden this week checking out the celebrity chefs, and picking up some top tips, and foodie treats.  If you are already here, then you can still hot foot it to Eden for the latter part of Celebrity Chefs Week which finishes on 15 September. There is then only a small break in between, and The Chilli Festival starts on 21 September, followed fairly swiftly after by Beer, Wine & Cider Week, and then a just beer day. How good does all of that sound, as it sounds great to me.

After all of the above, visit the Baobab Festival 7-13 October, and find out more about the super fruit, which you may by then be in need of for Vitamin C.

For more information on these extra special events visit

Secondly, we have “Festivals” – These festivals, appear on the whole to be geared towards food, drink, art and music, so “very nice” things that most of us enjoy.  The only down side is that a lot of very good events are being held on the same weekend – not the best planning, but if you want to visit more than one at least make it a long weekend trip.

Healey’s Cyder Farm are holding their first ever cyder and music festival in their famous orchards.  100 ciders (and ales) and 100 live acts during the weekend 27-29 September.

Cornwall, Food & Drink Festival– this will be held on Lemon Quay, Truo.  The regular and the giant farmer’s markets are extremely popular, and this festival will be a great one, as the local produce is so fabulous and plentiful.  Truro is also a great place for a festival, and around 40k visitors are expected.  I expect a certain member of The Meadows Team to go and check this one out, and report back to the other team members with some goodies and to cook up something nice.

Looe Music Festival – this is a little further afield from us at The Meadows.  However, if you just want to dip your toe in and attend one of the performances, and not be slap bang in the middle of music all weekend, a good place to visit during an extended weekend break. Again 27-29 September is the date for this festival!!

The Greenway Pro Charity Event – again, a little further afield from us at St Ives, but looks very good. This festival brings together surfing, live music arts and friendships.  A great event for non-surfers just to watch some of Europe’s finest surfers out on the water competing. This festival runs 17-21 September.

Boscastle Festival – This is a food, arts and crafts event.  Paul Ainsworth of Number 6, and Andy Appleton of Fifteen Cornwall, are to be doing cookery demonstrations, so Camp Daddy would like to be attending this one. Just the picture I have seen of fresh lobsters, and crab is enough of a temptation.

Thirdly, we have a local event. M. A. Grigg Country Store Open Day –  Another event for the popular September weekend, this one being Saturday 28th September.  We love Griggs any way, especially lunch at their cafe.  This open days include trade and craft stands, pets corners, and an auction. Griggs Country Store, is just up the road from The Meadows Campsite at Pendennis, Sticker.

deb's pictures 024Now, we know Campers are hardy people, and Cornwall is known for its much milder temperatures. Forget an expensive Hotel, or B&B, as it is too early to spend evenings indoors.  Save your money to spend at The Festivals, on lovely food to cook on the BBQ back at Camp. Enjoy being wrapped up in a blanket in the evening next to your firepit with a glass of Cornish Rattler Cider.   We are known for our hot powerful showers to keep you warm, and enjoy one of John’s breakfast baguettes and a pot of coffee or tea to set you up for the day ahead.  You could also cosy up in Lottie Caravan, enjoying dinner by beach hut lights, looking out over the meadow field.  I hope I am setting the scene, and getting you all on your way to The Meadows, for a late season camping or caravanning trip.

In between all of the above festivals, there are so many lovely walks and cycle rides to be enjoyed and best of all these and fresh air are free!!  The south west coast path and the Pentewan Valley Trails  are all so much quieter now, and all of the little coves look lovely, and very different out of high season.

Of course, also on this popular weekend of 27-29 September, we have our guests visiting us for the Geo Caching Event.  It is not too late to book for this, and this is a great out doors event in a lovely area, spending time with like minded people.

Other Camp News

The Team are very busy planning our winter work.  We know our guests love the wildlife our site attracts, and the informal way of our pitches, and the natural features such as the stream and meadow flowers.  All of these things, we love too, and our work is to further enhance the natural special features, but to improve the condition of the land which before we arrived had been unmanaged for many years. One of our first jobs is the expose the rest of the stream right down to the woodland, as pitching next to the stream has been so popular. We will keep you updated on the changes as they are made whilst camp gates are closed.  Other works involves a digger, lots of wood, stilts, and the need some big muscles, and lots of hard work!!

News from Camp Dog Harvey image

I am really enjoying September as it is that bit cooler, and my day time sleeps are less disturbed.  I have also enjoyed some down time, and so have been making lists of all of the lovely places my four legged guests have visited, and which I shall be off to when camp gates close. September has been the month for “one man and his dog”, with the “dog” usually being a Collie, and camping in the meadow.  I never like to stand too close to a Collie, as they give me a “tubby” complex.

We had a visit from a genetleman from the Environment Agency this week, testing our stream.  It would seem there are Otters in the valley, and so Camp Daddy is going to make some Otter houses to encourage them to make homes here at The Meadows.

The Owls and from the hoots, there are many of them are particularly vocal at the moment.  I like to go out in the garden and listen to them last thing at night before retiring to my Harvey bed for the night.  The owl box is still vacant, but I think it will be snapped up soon.

IMG_7102If you want to come and spend time at The Meadows, dog friendly Campsite, on the edge of Pentewan, close to Mevagissey, Fowey and Charlestown we would love to see you.  You can contact us here if you want to book, or telephone 01726 844383.  If you want to surprise us, or keep us on our toes, you should be safe to just pitch up and choose a spot. If you want to book a stay in gorgeous Lottie Vintage Caravan, then please call, or email us with your preferred dates.









Lottie and her guests have been having “Lotts” of fun this season…..

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debs pictures lottie etc 086The Meadows Team (me Lynn, John and Camp Dog Harvey) are so enjoying having our Lottie Caravan on the campsite.  Lottie’s  guests have been enjoying her too, and have all had so much fun especially with the good weather they have enjoyed.

Lottie has attracted lots of interest from passers by including caravan enthusiasts, and just fans of all things “Vintage”.  Indeed, our neighbours are convinced that the recent increase in knocks to the bollard in the middle of the road, and loss of wheel trims is entirely down to Lottie gazers!

I have had great fun keep adding to Lottie’s already well kitted out  interior.  This week I just could not resist these gorgeous Beach Hut Lights for inside.  The outside  deck area is also lit up at nights with fairy lights hanging from the sail.

For a late addition to The Meadows Campsite, Lottie has had lots of guests over the summer.  As it is starting to feel just a little chilly in the mornings, and evenings, I have just bought Lottie a little heater to keep her guests cosy.

debs pictures lottie etc 114The met office are still saying that September will be fairly dry on the whole, with temperatures above average, so very good for a Lottie Vintage Caravan break.  We have one weekend break in September still available, and availability for the Monday to Friday breaks, starting this coming Monday.

If you would like to come and enjoy The Meadows Campsite, and this beautiful area, and camp in vintage style then Lottie Caravan is highly recommended. Please have a look at Lottie’s page for more information and pictures, and contact us by email here, or telephone 01726 844383 with any questions or should you wish to book. A fabulous place to rest your tired legs  whilst enjoying a walking holiday in Cornwall.

The Meadows Campsite is a small dog friendly site, situate in the Pentewan Valley, close to Mevagissey, IMG_7111Charlestown, Heligan Gardens, and the Eden Project. We cater for campervans, tents (all shapes & sizes), caravans and motorhomes. September and October are great months for walking (south west coast path), cycling and having a good old mooch about.  We are in a great location for exploring the south coast of Cornwall, but you can also be over in Padstow in around 30 minutes.

Note – there is only one Lottie, and we have not yet found her a sister, but we are very much looking.


Late season is the time to get away if you can

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IMG_7111Well July, and August were very busy indeed, and we had lots of very happy campers.  The weather was very kind to us in the main, but was a little mean for parts of August.  Being a natural site, we do suffer rather when the rain comes down and we get 6cm just in a morning!!  However when the sun comes out, with our sheltered spot, we do recover well, and of course there has to be some price, to camp in  natural beauty.  It is absolutely gorgeous now and has been for the past couple of weeks. We have lots of wild camping going on in the Meadow field, and all pitches by the stream are full. Our campers pitching up in the more secluded meadow spots have mighty fine views of the colourful hill over to Mevagissey, which lots walk, or cycle over daily.

The long term weather forecast for the South West for September is higher than average temperatures, and dry settled weather.  How fabulous is that, for all who take their breaks outside of the school holidays. This is an ideal time for walking the south west coastal path, and generally relaxing and mooching around, as everywhere will now be much quieter.

Walking around Black Head

Our site is still looking very green and lovely, and of course this beautiful area looks gorgeous whatever time of year it is. The coastal path is being well walked, and it is such a fabulous part of the path, around Charlestown, Mevagissey, and Gorran Haven.  Black Head is still our favourite part and we are going to start off again with our early morning visits to Hallane Beach, and we probably won’t see anyone else.

If you are reading this blog, I hope you are doing so as a guest of ours to keep in touch and see what is happening.  My camera has not been out as much as it should have for the last few weeks.  I have missed a photo opportunity for a full decked out Ambulance on site with a lovely dutch couple on board. I have to say when it first pulled in as it was still with full signs, I did do a double take.  We have also had so many colourful V dubs on site this summer, a lot on tour, and lots decked out with bunting and twinkly lights.  Again, photo opportunities unfortunately missed.  This was an interesting motorhome, and although new it was full of wood, and so beautifully made.  It came complete with fresh sweet peas in the window.image

A matching pair of Vws departing

For any guests going through their holiday photies, who have stayed with us, and have great “camping” pictures, it would be lovely to see them.   I would hope to add lots of pictures to our website, and the more colourful the better.

Other Meadows News

We have been asked, and have agreed to host a Geo Caching Event held here at the end of September.  A similar event was held last year very nearby and was very popular. We hope that there will be lots of enthusiastic guests attending this one, and we have taken quite a few camping bookings already.  The event is to be held on the weekend of 27-29 September, and if you want to find out please then check out the website for more information.  All very exciting, good fun, and a great way to see get out their enjoying the Pentewan Valley Trail, and Kingswood.

Come & get your Crepes

Gill on board “Blue Vintage” continues to be extremely popular with our guests, and I often see quite a queue.  I think there might be a bit of competition going on between Camp Chef John and Blue Vintage Gill on numbers.  All healthy competition of course.  Gill will continue visiting The Meadows Campsite in September as we look to be having a busy month, although we do still have space available if you have not yet booked.  The new flavour of Lemon Curd with lemon meringue is scrumptious.

As September is likely to see lots of adults at The Meadows, I thought it the time to test out Roskillys Lemon & Ginger Ice Cream.  I like it, and so hoping our guests will do too.  Of course I also ordered lots more Caramel Crunch as it seems people cannot get enough of that one.

Cooking Twins

Paul Merritt’s advice has come in handy this season

Camp Chef John continues to give the guests what they want in the morning to start their day.  Breakfast is now so popular our campers are waiting outside the door to place their orders, and sit on our sunny deck, that is if they have not placed their orders the night before.  John’s breakfast baguettes can be enjoyed with a pot of tea, cafetiere of coffee, or a glass or orange watching camp life, or at your unit in your pjs if you prefer. Yes, between 8 & 11, the team is very busy indeed, as of course Camp Chef needs a waitress/delivery girl, drinks maker, washer upper, whilst still being shop keeper & receptionist.  Camp Dog Harvey takes this time to chill under the desk and keep well out of it.

It would be nice to share some of our really  funny stories of camp life, but some of what goes on at camp, must stay at camp!!!

Fat dog slim

Oh what a smart neckerchief that is.

News from Camp Dog

“My girls” (the chickens) are doing very well indeed, and are enjoying the sunshine and having me watch over them.  We, that is “the girls” and I have a team meeting in the afternoons, whilst I am resting on my picnic blanket under the tree next to them.  We have decided that this is not a bad place to be, and that we will be back on board in 2014, not that I am wishing away September and October in any way.  We also know what valuable members of the team we are as we hear the majority of guests asking after us on arrival, that means we must have rights!

Camp Dog on his rounds

I am on my best behaviour at the moment, as Camp Mummy has found out about a Boarding Kennel close by.  I keep hearing her talking about it to guests, and how you can send your dogs for day care, or longer.  Some of our guests have brought their dog, but then have taken them to spend the day/days, at Gover Valley Kennels.  Reports please from doggies not owners, as to how you found it, and whether or not you were well fed, fussed, and walked, and if it is better than being on camp dog duty!

Thank you for the many nice comments about my neckerchief.  I now feel naked without it, so I might get a woolly one for the winter.

Another dog friendly outing to add to my list is Healey’s Cider Farm.  Oh, I have heard many excellent reports of this local attraction, and there is lots to see and do.  Lots of you will have seen Caroline Quentin on her many visits to the Farm, as we have a feeling Caroline was partial to a glass or two of cider, as is Camp Mummy.

IMG_6785Well, the Meadows Team, that is me Lynn, John, Camp Dog Harvey & “the girls” want to continue looking after our guests well for October and September.  We still have availability for “hook ups” on our hardstanding grass pitches, and  for”proper camping” pitches in our very sunny camping field.  Our small, dog friendly Campsite is close to Mevagissey, Pentewan, Heligan Gardens and the Eden Project, Cornwall.  Heligan, Mevagissey and Pentewan are within walking distance along the Pentewan Valley Trail. You can just turn up, and we will always try and fit you in.  If you prefer to book in advance to secure your pitch, then please telephone 01726 844383, or contact us by email here.

Our fabulous, fun Lottie Caravan, and Maisy Tipee Tent also have availability for part of September.  Lottie has just debs pictures lottie etc 086been treated to a set of Beach Hut Lights for extra indoors lighting.  If staying in Lottie, all you need to bring really is towels, foods and beverages of your choice, oh and of course your clothes and  washbag!!! Please check out Lottie’s page for lots of pictures and more information.