If its good enough for Chatsworth House …………..

March 30, 2013 10:54 am Published by Comments Off on If its good enough for Chatsworth House …………..

We have had another very busy week at The Meadows.  We missed out on the snow, thank goodness, and whilst it has been cold, there has been a lot of lovely sunshine.  It seems only right to work outdoors on the sunny days and our site foreman agrees.Site Foreman

For those familiar with the site, how it was when we purchased, the natural look had been taken to the extreme.  The site had gotten a little wild, and some of the natural features like the stream were hidden away.

Taking out brambles, is hard work, but we are nearly there.  John has dug a few trenches this week to help with drainage, and these have been filled with pea gravel and should we get any rain :), the rainwater will go off in to the stream, and flow away to the sea, via the Little Winnick River.



Post brambles & new steps

Post brambles & steps waiting for railings…..

Clearing the site as much as we have has been a huge task, but now we can start putting back, and making everywhere look good. The old tractor tyre, mangle and granite roller, harbour railings which we saved, have all been moved in to their positions ready. We can now start finishing off jobs such as the new steps, rockery, and laundry area and making them look nice.

Some more big work is set to commence next week, and involves a large flattening roller, and “grass protecta”.  We are so very keen to keep the natural look here at The Meadows and so we have spent a lot of time researching how to achieve this, whilst also ensuring “happy campers” in the event of not the kindest of weather.  “Grass Protecta” as recently installed at Chatsworth House seems to provide us with the ideal solution.  This needs to go down now, and so it is all systems go.  Grass Protecta is a form of heavy duty green plastic mesh, and can take a lot of weight on it.  Once down the grass goes through the mesh, and so will become invisible, but will provide hard standing and the site will stay Meadow like, and green.

We are taking delivery of 800 square metres, so we shall be eating lots of Easter Eggs this weekend, to build up our muscles, for rolling the grass first to get it flat, and then for the laying.  With the spring sunshine, and fast growing time of year, you will need to be quick to even know it is there, and not just grass.

Now the brambles are clear, we have identified a new pitching area by the stream.  With this in mind, and knowing how lots of campers like their comforts we have an extra Ehu box on order to be fitted in a week or so to provide four lovely pitches all with Ehu.

Another job for this week, is the relaying of the road way.  This won’t be green, but it is a road and roads are not usually green.

We are very disappointed at having to turn away Easter Campers, and please do come and stay with us when we open in May.  You can either enquire here or telephone Lynn or John 01726 844383/07712599745. The Meadows welcomes motor homes, caravans and tents of all shapes and sizes at our small, dog friendly park in the Pentewan Valley.  We are very close to the Eden Project, Heligan Gardens, Fowey, Mevaggisey and lots of other popular Cornish attractions.  We look forward to welcoming you this season.