Well, our first week passed by so quickly, and we are now in full flow of campsite life……………

May 11, 2013 11:01 am Published by Comments Off on Well, our first week passed by so quickly, and we are now in full flow of campsite life……………

Firstly, as I type this I am now based in The Meadows  new office & shop.   When we constructed the shop, we changed the side to install the window, and what a good move that was.  I have a great view on to the bird tree, the stream and beyond. This week, I have spotted, blue, great, coal tits, yellow & wagtails, woody woodpecker, jays, 10 goldfinch at one time on the niger seed, and the naughty magpies.  Camera is poised as I really want to get a picture of the woodpecker feeding to share with you.  Am trying very hard, and it will happen!!image

Well, we got through our first full week.  Camp Dog is exhausted as he is finding being fussed and sitting under the office desk, or on the deck very hard work. We have seen his level of enthusiasm rise, and he is often seen standing outside the shop door observing the comings and goings of our campers.image

Work on site has not stopped since we opened, but the jobs we are doing, are nice quiet ones.  We have finished planting up the new flower beds in front of the shower block, and the lavender and hydrangeas are growing well.

As you have probably gathered The Meadows team love wildlife, food, the outdoors, and making and creating our own things. There are so many things we have wanted to do since we arrived, but with the other “big site job” these were put further down the list, and are now making it to the top.


Yes, this is our duck house, constructed from material left over from the shop.  It is painted “duck egg” blue, as we think that is the biggest hint we can give to the ducks.  It was constructed in the area of the bank where a big “duck pooh” had been spotted.  If nothing else by having a duck house, John thinks he must qualify to stand as an MP;  As we don’t want our owls who are definitely around to feel uncared for, we have made a request from my father Terry for a couple of owl boxes, and there are lots of great trees for these to be positioned in.

This morning whist I am doing “office” jobs with CD assisting, John is building chicken house number one.  We will then be starting interviewing chickens.  Whilst we want them to be pretty, funny and interesting, they must come up with the goods.  Eggs are very popular on the campsite, and the girls will be looked after with a very nice home, lots, of sweetcorn and other good food. Luckily we do also have an excellent supplier from our “friends with hens”, as we need eggs for baking, eggs for breakfast baguettes, and for egg banjos.

We also have in mind to do “rent a hen” for our campers.  This would mean if you were staying with us for a week, or more, you could have your own hens to look after, and take the eggs to enjoy during your stay.  Good idea or not????? Email me -lynn@themeadowspentewanvalley.co.uk and let us know if you think good, or bad idea before we start construction of houses especially for two chucks.

Yesterday, I placed our first order for Roskillys ice cream, and this will be here early next week.  Delicious organic  ice cream and I hope you will like my choice of flavours.  This ice cream is really special, and would be fab with one of John’s home made chocolate brownies, or squidgy ginger and date cake.  Yes, more cake baking has taken place at The Meadows, with Thursday evening, being “baking evening”.  Team effort – I source the ingredients, clear up after the baker, and taste test, and John bakes, although we might role swap soon!

Outside of camp gates –

All the gardens are starting to flourish, and our guests are enjoying particularly enjoying the walk up to Heligan Gardens, and to the beach both along the stunning Pentewan Valley Trail.

We have had some keen walkers and cyclists in and it is lovely to see our campers getting out in the fresh air exploring the Pentewan Valley Trail, and further afield.  There has been quite a few days of great beach weather, and Pentewan Sands has seen our guests enjoying beach combing.

Mevaggisey feast week, is getting close, and a lot of hard work is going in to making this an extremely special week, and an ideal week to come and stay for foodies!  We shall also be taking it in turns to pop along, to purchase some food for cooking going on at The Meadows.

Pentewan Village – during bank holiday weekend, you can take a stroll down to Pentewan Sands, and whilst in the village visit Jennifer Hocking’s exhibition of paintings of local coastal scenes and flowers

News from Camp Dog Harvey-

I am very pleased that my four legged friends have been enjoying my suggested walks, and places to visit.  Hemmick Beach seems to be getting the most “paws up” . I fully understand why, as this is a truly beautiful beach and is great for rock climbing, ball chasing, paddling, and generally having a good old run around.

Heligan Gardens now accepts dogs all year round, and so you get to enjoy a great walk up there and a wander around the beautiful gardens.


Chickens – I am happy to accept new members to The Meadows Team.  I will help look after the girls when they arrive on camp :).

Life here is definitely a “Camp Dog’s” life.  You will either find me in the office, under the desk keeping out of the way of being given any jobs!! If I am not there, and the sun is out, I will be on the deck.  From here, I have a great view of the camp site so I can keep one eye open, which can be hard, as I would rather have both closed .photo

During camp site season, I always start the day with a walk in to the village to collect newly laid eggs from our “friends with hens”.  When I knock off duty, I get to have a good old run around King’s Woods which I love. Check out “my page” for more information for you four legged friends looking to come and stay.

The booking line has been hot this week following Martin’s Dorey’s great twitter feedback, and thank you to all those who have booked to stay at The Meadows to enjoy camping in Pentewan.  We cater for tents of all shapes and sizes, motor homes, and caravans. We also like bunting, and are dog friendly! Our touring park is on the edge of Pentewan, close to Mevagissey, The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Eden and right on the Pentewan Valley Trail.  You will never be short of things to do, especially for car free days.

Please contact us here to book your stay, although if you just turn up we will always try and find you a pitch.  Alternatively please telephone 01726 844383/ 07712599745. We look forward to seeing you this season.