Camp Dog was up early today checking out a new walk…………..

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Camp Dog Harvey has been feeling a little neglected over the last 7 days, as “the girls” (our chucks) have been getting lots of attention. CD also does not want to let his guests down by not follow up on information he is given on dog friendly walks, and beaches. Before recommending walks, and quite rightly Camp Dog insists on checking them out for himself.

Camp Dog on the descent down to Hallane Beach

This morning we were up at, 5.30am and set off out of camp gates to find “Hallane Beach”.  The most straightforward way, (of course, we did not do this) is to walk down in to the village along the Pentewan Valley Trail and pick up the South West Coast Path going in to the opposite direction to Mevagissey.  Walking along here for about 20-30 minutes, you reach access to two lovely, and very importantly “Dog Friendly” beaches.  The first is Polruddeen (very steep access), and the second is the gorgeous Hallane Beach.

We did not go for the straightforward route, as we took a path up through Kings Woods, out and through a farm with some cute little calves,and lots of cow dung (watch out), and then along the lanes.  We came through to Hallane via Trenarren, and this is a fabulous approach.  You walk through a little hamlet with gorgeous houses, past Hallane House, and Mill and then down a footpath which was full of wild garlic, pink & white campion,  and bluebells.  It is quite steep going down, but it is absolutely stunning, and the beach has a waterfall and we had it to ourselves when we were there.

Picking wild garlic for our Pesto

As the wild garlic there was prolific we are sure a little bit will not be missed.  After enjoying some wild garlic pesto recently that our friends made for us from a Fowey supply, John has been very keen to make some of his own for our shop stock.  The garlic has been picked, the rest of the ingredients sourced, and the whizzer is out.  This weekend is a busy one, and we can highly recommend to our campers cooking up a pan of pasta, throwing in some of our wild garlic pesto, and finishing with a sprinkling of black pepper and parmesan on top.  My mouth is watering at the thought of it, and we shall be trying some ourselves to quality check of course.

For the return walk, we joined the South West Coastal Path which is lovely in itself and headed back in to the village, and up the Pentewan Valley Trail back to Camp.  For all those campers who thought the owners had unusually had a lie in this morning, now you know that was not the case :).


How to find the gorgeous Hallane Beach

This is a great walk, for quite keen walkers with or without their dog.  Limited parking is also available fairly close by, if you do not fancy such a good walk, and just want a shorter (but still steep- note) walk through the gorgeous hamlet and on to the beach.  To find the parking take the road out of Pentewan Village up the very steep hill. Up the hill when you reach the first cross roads of little lanes, take a right to Trenarren, and follow the road around to the left. You will reach a parking area, and for the walk you set off on the path to the right. See the little map extract taken from the Mevagissey Ferry leaflet.

Camp Dog Harvey really enjoyed this walk, and he is so annoying as he makes the very steep ups seem so easy.  He also often does double on the ups, as he comes back down to see how the one at the back is doing (which is usually me), and gives some moral encouragement to get me to the top.

The steep climbs are all more than worth the effort, and this place is a real Cornish beauty.  This will definitely be a walk The Meadows Team will be repeating quite regularly, especially in wild garlic season, and if the pesto goes down well for restocking.

As we made the walk a circular walk, it gets a 10 out of 10 from both Camp Dog, and I.  As we were concerned that there would be a queue of campers waiting to order breakfast baguettes, the return part of the walk was more of a march, but at least it got our appetites up for our breakfast.  It was indeed all quiet at camp when we returned, as of course holidays are for lying in, and quite rightly so.

Other news from Camp Dog Harvey

Four paws are "greener"

Four paws are “greener”

This weekend we had a visit from Three Hairy Bikers, but not the hairy bikers.  I got my first ride on a Harley Davidson.  It was ok, but I would rather keep my paws on the ground, and any way I refuse to wear a helmet.Three Hairy Bikers

No picture yet, but at the moment one of our campers is staying with two dogs (one like me & another fluffy one), and a parrot!!! Yes, I said a parrot. So far the parrot who is called Bertie has been following the camping etquette and has been on his best behaviour. Early days as they are here until the weekend, so watch this space.

No duck eggs yet in the duck house, although they have had a look as there is lots of duck poo on the roof.

Lots of scrummy eggs from some of “the girls”, and there are now eight girls.  The latest additions are two blue pekin bantams, though they have so far brought nothing to the party, and seem quite posh.   In view of lots of eggs from our “laying girls”, then along side sausage & bacon from Lobbs farm, we are now offering Smoked Salmon and scrambled eggs as a breakfast baguette option. Boxes of freshly laid eggs are also available for sale from our shop.

Twitching – woody woodpecker now visits us daily, and so is a “common” sighting.  The owls have been screeching so loud some nights, you can hear them above my snoring. There has also been further sighting of the Kingfisher, and The Meadows are now “tweeting”  on twitter, so follow us if you like.””

All part of the service

All part of the service

“All part of the personal service” – if you lose your key then the team will help you try to find it.  If that fails one of the team will saw off your lock for you to enable you to continue your journey.  On this occasion, our German visitor was also given a chocolate brownie and Cornish clotted cream for being our first visitor arriving under her own steam.

If you have still not booked your summer camping holiday, then you must be like us thinking this summer has to be a good one.  Our understanding is that June is looking to be dry, with lots of sunshine and so why not visit us before the mad summer rush.  To book in advance contact us here, or telephone 01726 844383  Alternatively, we are always happy for you to turn up, pitch up and relax at The Meadows. Our site is small and dog friendly and is a great campsite for camping close to Mevagissey and Pentewan. Tents, caravans and motor homes are all most welcome.

Our campsite, is right on National Cycle Route 3, which also forms part of the Pentewan Valley Trail.  This gives great access to Pentewan Sands, Mevagissey, Heligan Gardens (walking & cycling), and Charlestown, Fowey, and the Eden Project (cycling). This makes us an ideal place for an overnight stay for all your cyclists out there, and we will make you very welcome.