A day in the life of Camp Dog Harvey……………………

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Deck security duty

Good Evening, or hi di hi to all of my camper friends, four legged included, and all general admirers out there.

It seems quite a while ago since my past life of being  Hrh, or just plain “H”. Well I am not quite sure how it happened,  but I am now Camp Dog Harvey, and loving it, and camp life is anything but boring!

Firstly some people think I am trying to use “the grumpy cat” as my role model, and if you have not seen the grumpy cat on you-tube, see it here.   I can assure you that I neither want to have a cat as a role model, or for you to think I am grumpy (all of the time).  It is more a serious face,  as I keep wondering where did all these people, tents, and vans come from, as this was my playground until 1 May.

I take my role of Camp Dog very seriously indeed, as I want to look after all of our guests and ensure that they have a most enjoyable time at The Meadows, and exploring this lovely part of Cornwall.


Time in the office

Today I have been in the office, assisting with getting the booking diary up to date, and replying to emails, as most of them are to me, or asking about me.   Whilst in the office, I googled “Camp Dog Harvey” and lots of pictures of me came up on the computer – how cool is that.

Well I thought I would share with you, what a day in the life of a Camp Dog entails, well this Camp Dog anyway.

Out hunting for garlic

My owners are early risers, and so we usually take an early morning stroll along the Little Winnick River, or through Kings Wood whilst our campers are still snoozing. Sometimes we venture out  further to Hallane Beach, should we need to replenish our stocks of wild garlic. I also try to find  new local walks all in the name of research, so that I can report back and add them to my other walks.  The Hallane beach walk is my particular favourite, and has now been walked by many of our guests, who love it too.

Checking on my girls

As soon as I return from my walk, and after eating my breakfast (not one of John’s breakfast baguettes unfortunately) I am straight to work.  One of my first jobs is to check on “my girls”, let them out of their little homes and open up their feeders.  At this time, I take the opportunity to remind them that they also have a job and that is to lay as many eggs as possible for the shop, cakes and breakfast baguettes.  No pressure girls ;), and we had our first “full house” yesterday so well done girls.

Out on my rounds

Next on my list of duties is site inspection, checking that all of our campers are happy and well, and taking orders for breakfast.  By the time I have finished site inspection, order and baguette delivery duties, it is tea break time.  My breaks are taken on the deck, but I am never off duty.  Whilst on the deck I have one eye open ensuring that I am ready to spring in to action when called upon to do so.

After tea break, I spend a good few hours in the office catching up on admin, and updating my “Dog Friendly Information”  welcome leaflet, and marking up maps to show you how to find my favourite “Dog Friendly” places.  Please have a look at my page on the website prior to arrival if you are bringing  your four legged friend.

Now this is where  it gets a bit hazy, as before you know it my owners are taking me for an evening walk, and then it is my dinner time.  I am sure I am not the only one who at the end of the day goes “where did that day go”.

Meeting and greeting

Does the grass need a mow?

Well you must be thinking “it’s a Camp Dog Life”, well I have to say you are not wrong most of the time.  My owners and I feel very lucky that we have had such lovely guests, who have still been happy and smiling even when it has rained.

If you have not already booked to visit this season, we do still have some pitches available.  You can just turn up and we will always try and find you a pitch.  However, booking in advance will secure you a pitch, and you can book here, or telephone my owners Lynn/John 01726 844383.

We are a small, sheltered campsite in the Pentewan Valley, Cornwall catering for camper vans, motorhomes, caravans and tents.  We are both dog friendly, and camp fire friendly, and we are just generally friendly. The walking around St Austell is fabulous, and we are great for camping and caravanning in the Mevagissey/Pentewan area. You can also walk to the fabulous Lost Gardens of Heligan from The Meadows, which is now dog friendly all year round.

Look out for our sign

I (that’s me Camp Dog Harvey), and my owners Lynn and John look forward to seeing you all this summer.  All we ask is that when you pack you bring the sunshine with you.