Late season is the time to get away if you can

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IMG_7111Well July, and August were very busy indeed, and we had lots of very happy campers.  The weather was very kind to us in the main, but was a little mean for parts of August.  Being a natural site, we do suffer rather when the rain comes down and we get 6cm just in a morning!!  However when the sun comes out, with our sheltered spot, we do recover well, and of course there has to be some price, to camp in  natural beauty.  It is absolutely gorgeous now and has been for the past couple of weeks. We have lots of wild camping going on in the Meadow field, and all pitches by the stream are full. Our campers pitching up in the more secluded meadow spots have mighty fine views of the colourful hill over to Mevagissey, which lots walk, or cycle over daily.

The long term weather forecast for the South West for September is higher than average temperatures, and dry settled weather.  How fabulous is that, for all who take their breaks outside of the school holidays. This is an ideal time for walking the south west coastal path, and generally relaxing and mooching around, as everywhere will now be much quieter.

Walking around Black Head

Our site is still looking very green and lovely, and of course this beautiful area looks gorgeous whatever time of year it is. The coastal path is being well walked, and it is such a fabulous part of the path, around Charlestown, Mevagissey, and Gorran Haven.  Black Head is still our favourite part and we are going to start off again with our early morning visits to Hallane Beach, and we probably won’t see anyone else.

If you are reading this blog, I hope you are doing so as a guest of ours to keep in touch and see what is happening.  My camera has not been out as much as it should have for the last few weeks.  I have missed a photo opportunity for a full decked out Ambulance on site with a lovely dutch couple on board. I have to say when it first pulled in as it was still with full signs, I did do a double take.  We have also had so many colourful V dubs on site this summer, a lot on tour, and lots decked out with bunting and twinkly lights.  Again, photo opportunities unfortunately missed.  This was an interesting motorhome, and although new it was full of wood, and so beautifully made.  It came complete with fresh sweet peas in the window.image

A matching pair of Vws departing

For any guests going through their holiday photies, who have stayed with us, and have great “camping” pictures, it would be lovely to see them.   I would hope to add lots of pictures to our website, and the more colourful the better.

Other Meadows News

We have been asked, and have agreed to host a Geo Caching Event held here at the end of September.  A similar event was held last year very nearby and was very popular. We hope that there will be lots of enthusiastic guests attending this one, and we have taken quite a few camping bookings already.  The event is to be held on the weekend of 27-29 September, and if you want to find out please then check out the website for more information.  All very exciting, good fun, and a great way to see get out their enjoying the Pentewan Valley Trail, and Kingswood.

Come & get your Crepes

Gill on board “Blue Vintage” continues to be extremely popular with our guests, and I often see quite a queue.  I think there might be a bit of competition going on between Camp Chef John and Blue Vintage Gill on numbers.  All healthy competition of course.  Gill will continue visiting The Meadows Campsite in September as we look to be having a busy month, although we do still have space available if you have not yet booked.  The new flavour of Lemon Curd with lemon meringue is scrumptious.

As September is likely to see lots of adults at The Meadows, I thought it the time to test out Roskillys Lemon & Ginger Ice Cream.  I like it, and so hoping our guests will do too.  Of course I also ordered lots more Caramel Crunch as it seems people cannot get enough of that one.

Cooking Twins

Paul Merritt’s advice has come in handy this season

Camp Chef John continues to give the guests what they want in the morning to start their day.  Breakfast is now so popular our campers are waiting outside the door to place their orders, and sit on our sunny deck, that is if they have not placed their orders the night before.  John’s breakfast baguettes can be enjoyed with a pot of tea, cafetiere of coffee, or a glass or orange watching camp life, or at your unit in your pjs if you prefer. Yes, between 8 & 11, the team is very busy indeed, as of course Camp Chef needs a waitress/delivery girl, drinks maker, washer upper, whilst still being shop keeper & receptionist.  Camp Dog Harvey takes this time to chill under the desk and keep well out of it.

It would be nice to share some of our really  funny stories of camp life, but some of what goes on at camp, must stay at camp!!!

Fat dog slim

Oh what a smart neckerchief that is.

News from Camp Dog

“My girls” (the chickens) are doing very well indeed, and are enjoying the sunshine and having me watch over them.  We, that is “the girls” and I have a team meeting in the afternoons, whilst I am resting on my picnic blanket under the tree next to them.  We have decided that this is not a bad place to be, and that we will be back on board in 2014, not that I am wishing away September and October in any way.  We also know what valuable members of the team we are as we hear the majority of guests asking after us on arrival, that means we must have rights!

Camp Dog on his rounds

I am on my best behaviour at the moment, as Camp Mummy has found out about a Boarding Kennel close by.  I keep hearing her talking about it to guests, and how you can send your dogs for day care, or longer.  Some of our guests have brought their dog, but then have taken them to spend the day/days, at Gover Valley Kennels.  Reports please from doggies not owners, as to how you found it, and whether or not you were well fed, fussed, and walked, and if it is better than being on camp dog duty!

Thank you for the many nice comments about my neckerchief.  I now feel naked without it, so I might get a woolly one for the winter.

Another dog friendly outing to add to my list is Healey’s Cider Farm.  Oh, I have heard many excellent reports of this local attraction, and there is lots to see and do.  Lots of you will have seen Caroline Quentin on her many visits to the Farm, as we have a feeling Caroline was partial to a glass or two of cider, as is Camp Mummy.

IMG_6785Well, the Meadows Team, that is me Lynn, John, Camp Dog Harvey & “the girls” want to continue looking after our guests well for October and September.  We still have availability for “hook ups” on our hardstanding grass pitches, and  for”proper camping” pitches in our very sunny camping field.  Our small, dog friendly Campsite is close to Mevagissey, Pentewan, Heligan Gardens and the Eden Project, Cornwall.  Heligan, Mevagissey and Pentewan are within walking distance along the Pentewan Valley Trail. You can just turn up, and we will always try and fit you in.  If you prefer to book in advance to secure your pitch, then please telephone 01726 844383, or contact us by email here.

Our fabulous, fun Lottie Caravan, and Maisy Tipee Tent also have availability for part of September.  Lottie has just debs pictures lottie etc 086been treated to a set of Beach Hut Lights for extra indoors lighting.  If staying in Lottie, all you need to bring really is towels, foods and beverages of your choice, oh and of course your clothes and  washbag!!! Please check out Lottie’s page for lots of pictures and more information.





What goes with food………………..

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debs pictures lottie etc 120

Bring some wine back to enjoy at Camp

I cannot believe that I discover a Winery almost on our doorstep from “Coast” Magazine, but thank goodness I have!!

My last blog was on a “foodie” element, and as two out of three of the team enjoy a glass of wine, or two, this Winery must have a mention.

As we are right in the middle of our high season, and as tempting as it is, we cannot put up the “Closed for an Emergency” sign, and trot to  Knightor for a tour and lunch.  Camp Daddy John and I are both of the view that wine is best enjoyed with food.  NZ is our second favourite holiday destination after the UK.  We are extremely fortunate to have a sister/sister-in-law, living in Gisborne one of the great Wine regions.  Their wineries are fabulous and almost all include a fabulous eating place, serving top notch meals and platters to be enjoyed as part of the wine tasting.  One of our best days out in NZ was a cycle tour around Martinborough wineries :).

It is so fantastic to have this Winery on our doorstep, and we now just need some foodie guests to head on up there for a visit, lunch and report back to Camp. Volunteers please.  Just reading Coast and checking out the website, has put it on my must do list.

The other foodie matter I missed out mentioning in my last blog was the Truro Big Produce Market on 30 & 31 August.  This again looks just up our street, so again volunteers to go and check it out and bring your purchase back to camp and get those smells wafting!!

Other News

All village events are being well supported and enjoyed by our Campers.  This week we have Pentewan’s “Awesome August”, with a great line up of events.  Also taking place this Sunday is the St Ewe Country Fair.  If he was not needed on duty for a busy weekend Camp Dog Harvey would have loved to entered the dog show.  Never mind, at least it gives other dogs a chance, as he would have been sure to have won first prize, for the grumpiest face.   It is really good to see so many events taking place, with all the good old fashioned favourites such was welly wanging, Morris Men, Pig Racing and the like.


Camp Daddy waiting on full monty orders

Camp Chef John had a record breaking morning this week, with breakfast baguettes serving almost 30 in one sitting.  This was followed very swiftly after by a large party of holidaying Germans for homemade scones, chocolate brownies and clotted cream on the deck.  Of course John took it all in his stride, and was soon back out on the mower getting the pitches spick and span for the new arrivals. I was chief waitress, and delivery lady, as of course we deliver even to the pitches in the meadow field, so some days running shoes are needed! We had help with cakes from Kymberley Brooks  on a recent short stay with us, and Camp Daddy has competition with Camp Daughter, and Kym’s Cakes may be a regular next year during school holidays as Kym is a teacher.

With the benefit of some lovely sunny clear, evenings our fire-pits are extremely popular.  At the moment all fire-pits are out every evening, and it is so lovely to see the rising smoke over the site and families sitting around them enjoying natural beauty.  Who needs tv – certainly not our campers, and we get a run for change out of the till  just before closing, for card betting which is far more fun :). Of course last night our campers got to meteor watch and how special is that.

We always ask our campers to keep us posted on what is hot, and what is not!

At the moment hot is:-

1. Porthpean Beach for swimming and good family fun and swimming.

2. Hemmick Beach for doggies, and more seclusion as there are no facilities there, just a beautiful beach.

3. Lobbs Farm Shop for all of your BBQ produce, and special treats.

4. Mackerel fishing out of Mevagissey Harbour

5. Sam’s on the Beach – if you are lucky enough to get a table.

6. The Polgooth Inn for good home cooked food, and great beer.

Blue Vintage

7. Freshly cooked pancakes served up at The Meadows by Blue Vintage on a Thursday tea-time, and often on a Saturday too.

8. The walk down to Pentewan Village on the Pentewan Valley trail and tea at The Ship Inn, especially in the beer garden.

9. Swimming in the sea, as the weather has been good enough to.

10. The zip wire ride at the Eden Project, and the 3.30pm reduced priced Eden tickets!

11. Roskillys Caramel Crunch Ice Cream being by far the most popular flavour.

12. Camp Daddy John’s full monty breakfast baguette with HP sauce, devoured on our sunny deck area with a Cafetiere of fresh coffee.

13. Bunting, bunting and more bunting.  IMG_6820Thank you Happy Campers for brightening up our site and making such a special effort.

Very pleased to report that everything is hot, and nothing is not so………. , except for the mean rain clouds!!

Lottie Caravan, and Masiy Tipee Tent have been enjoying their summer guests, and vice versa.  Lottie Caravan keeps asking for a sister, and so we are on the lookout.

imageNews from Camp Dog Harvey

It appears not only are we Dog Friendly, but we are also Cat Friendly too, as we had a pussy cat to stay last week.  It was a poorly pussy cat and needed to have medication every day so for this reason, I was very kind and left it alone.

My “little girls” these being the two grey bantams spent their first night in the “big girls” house last week.  Before that they had  laid their eggs in there, but went to bed in their own special little house – “just the two of them”.  We have decided still to leave the little bantam house there, as all the girls like to sit on top of it in the day catching rays.

Fat dog slim

Fat dog slim

It is a good job I am not overly sensitive as I was given some “Fat Dog Slim” treats this week.  Was somebody trying to tell me something.  I do have a friend called Tubby who is Tubby by name and tubby by nature.  I have always thought I was on the slender side, and I still do and most of what you see is fur.  However, I did eat the whole bag of treats to be polite, and did not take offence.  May be I will get a hair cut, and then you will see that it is all muscle, and I have a mighty fine six-pack ;).

We took a delivery for a camper the other day, and it turned out to be a Cool Coat.  Have been checking this out, and think I might put one on my Xmas list, as this would be far cooler, than the old pink flannel on my head.


That is a funny looking duck

There has been  sightings of the hedgehog this week, and also an intruder in the duck house!

Well the school holidays are flying by, and that Indian Summer is now just around the corner.  We have taken lots of bookings for September, but we do IMG_7111still have pitches available with electric, and for “proper camping” here at The Meadows Campsite, Pentewan. We are very close to Mevagissey & Heligan Gardens, and within a 15 minute drive to the Eden Project. Lottie Caravan also has availability for renting. and if the weather stays good Maisy Tipee Tent will remain in place.  If you would like to join us for an Indian Summer break, then contact us here to book your stay, or telephone 01726 844383.  The area itself will be quieter and Heligan and Eden will be looking lovely.  It will also be cooler for walking and cycling, so an ideal time for a holiday.




Food, glorious food…………………..

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The Meadows Team themselves (including CD Harvey) love their food, especially when on holiday. As well as advising our guests about local walks, cycle rides and beaches, we are very happy to “talk and advise” about food!!!

Polgooth Inn

The Polgooth Inn

In Cornwall our Campers are so lucky with such a great choice of local food available, and so many fabulous restaurants and foodie pubs. A lot of our campers start their day with one of John’s breakfast baguettes.  The most popular filling is  the traditional British Bacon & Eggs. The Bacon is scrumptious and supplied by the superb Lobbs Farm Shop at Heligan Gardens.  Eggs are freshly laid, if not by our girls then by other local Cornish girls with bright yellow yolks, and very very tasty.  Our girls are feeling under even more pressure than normal, as the cakes we have been making are also being snapped up, and we have lots of guests at the moment to feed.  Our deck is full this morning, with breakfasting, as our deck is soooo sunny in the mornings.


The topic is “catch of the day”

As we are by the sea it is so nice so have so much fresh fish available.  Lots of our campers have been out on very successful mackerel fishing trips, and have been kind enough to let us sample some of their catch.  Catches recently have been good, and one of the local Mevagissey fisherman very generously dropped off a whole big bag of mackerel fresh off the boat which I handed round the campsite.  There were some lovely bbq smells that evening, as you cannot beat fresh mackerel on the bbq.

Anyone for a Crepe?

Thursday night is our regular evening for Blue Vintage, and our very lovely Crepe Lady Gill.  The Crepes cooked fresh to order on the van, with sweet and savoury fillings have been going down a storm.  The Meadows Special is Banana & Toffee.  Blue Vintage also calls in when possible on a Saturday which is the main setting up day, with lots of tired people needing a Crepe to perk them up and save them cooking!!!

On the days the weather has been good, which have been more so than not, our campers love to bbq.  As well as cooking their mackerel, our campers have been cooking up some real delights from Lobbs Farm Shop, as it is nice to have special treats on holiday.

All you want after a hard day.......

Camp Dog waiting for his local to open

When the weatherman has been mean, and sent some rain over the Campsite, our campers have been heading off out to eat.  Dodging the showers, lots of our campers enjoy the walk down in to the Village at The Ship Inn at Pentewan.  In the daytime lots of campers enjoy the circular Mevagissey walk, stopping off for fish and chips in Mevagissey Harbour, and stopping again for a drink at The Ship Inn, Pentewan on the return leg.

For evening meals, especially larger party bookings, the Polgooth Inn is proving extremely popular indeed.  The food is all home cooked, with vegetables and herbs grown in their own garden.  The menu has a fab choice, with lots of fish, meat, and vegetarian dishes.  Without any exception all visitors to the Polgooth have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and we even have guests eating there almost every evening !!


The gorgeous Sams on the Beach

One of our guests who was camping alone treated himself to one very special meal as he was camping on a budget.  After asking my advice of place, and what to eat (no pressure!!!) he trotted off to the Salamander in Mevagissey and feasted on scallops and John Dory.  Our guest enjoyed feasting like a Mevagissey King, and the whole atmosphere of such a lovely small restaurant and service.  Big thumbs up. Another fabulous place for a special meal is Sams, or Sam’s on the Beach.  Booking at Sam’s on the Beach is advisable and for Sam’s there is a nice bar area upstairs to enjoy a drink whilst waiting as there is no booking at Sams.

The Meadows Team are still favouring fish and chips at The Fountain Inn Mevagissey, and as I type this Lottie Caravan’s guests have just shared with me their Fountain fish & chip experience last night.  They also got to hear the Mevagissey Choir who were singing both on the harbour, and then in the Fountain Inn itself.

We also must mention Roskillys Ice Cream as today one of our guests was on to a caramel crunch tub before 9am!!  It is gorgeous organic ice cream and our favourite is the Salt Caramel although unfortunately it only comes in a big tub, and it is not advisable to put the lid back on.

Food always tastes better when you are very hungry and so it is good that our guests are all so active.  Most venture out for the day on either two feet, or two wheels, and if in the car there is often a boat or bikes on board.

debs pictures lottie etc 120

Our “Lottie” Caravan

Keep fishing, eating, and generally being foodies whilst in Cornwall staying at The Meadows Campsite.


My new neckerchief

Whilst I am still Camp Dog, I am also living back up to my old name of “HRH”.  My heinz 57 friend “Tubs” as in Tubs by name and Tubs by nature 😉 very kindly bought me a neckerchief.  I had been admiring Tubs’ red one for a while, and now I have one the same in Blue for Blue Vintage, as Tubs is a member of the Blue Vintage Crepe Van Team.

I am still very busy in my role of Security, in particular continuing to guard the Roskillys ice cream.

We have lots of four legged friends on site for their summer holiday, and I have been sharing all of my knowledge on the local area, including the best beaches, river and wood walks, pubs that give you gravy bones, and as to the best breakfast baguette filling – if you are lucky.


Such temptations for Cd

I very nearly broke Camp Dog rule last week and fell in love, but I held back and remained professional, and we are “just good friends”.


Look out for our sign

For all those not committed to school holidays, September can be gorgeous, and we still have availability.  To book a stay with us here at The Meadows small, and dog friendly campsite, Pentewan contact us here, or telephone 01726 844383.  Lottie is also available for some of September and for October too. Have a look at Lottie’s page and see if you can be tempted for a special stay. We are so conveniently placed for Heligan Gardens & Mevagissey (walking distance), the Eden Project, Fowey & Charlestown.