What goes with food………………..

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Bring some wine back to enjoy at Camp

I cannot believe that I discover a Winery almost on our doorstep from “Coast” Magazine, but thank goodness I have!!

My last blog was on a “foodie” element, and as two out of three of the team enjoy a glass of wine, or two, this Winery must have a mention.

As we are right in the middle of our high season, and as tempting as it is, we cannot put up the “Closed for an Emergency” sign, and trot to  Knightor for a tour and lunch.  Camp Daddy John and I are both of the view that wine is best enjoyed with food.  NZ is our second favourite holiday destination after the UK.  We are extremely fortunate to have a sister/sister-in-law, living in Gisborne one of the great Wine regions.  Their wineries are fabulous and almost all include a fabulous eating place, serving top notch meals and platters to be enjoyed as part of the wine tasting.  One of our best days out in NZ was a cycle tour around Martinborough wineries :).

It is so fantastic to have this Winery on our doorstep, and we now just need some foodie guests to head on up there for a visit, lunch and report back to Camp. Volunteers please.  Just reading Coast and checking out the website, has put it on my must do list.

The other foodie matter I missed out mentioning in my last blog was the Truro Big Produce Market on 30 & 31 August.  This again looks just up our street, so again volunteers to go and check it out and bring your purchase back to camp and get those smells wafting!!

Other News

All village events are being well supported and enjoyed by our Campers.  This week we have Pentewan’s “Awesome August”, with a great line up of events.  Also taking place this Sunday is the St Ewe Country Fair.  If he was not needed on duty for a busy weekend Camp Dog Harvey would have loved to entered the dog show.  Never mind, at least it gives other dogs a chance, as he would have been sure to have won first prize, for the grumpiest face.   It is really good to see so many events taking place, with all the good old fashioned favourites such was welly wanging, Morris Men, Pig Racing and the like.


Camp Daddy waiting on full monty orders

Camp Chef John had a record breaking morning this week, with breakfast baguettes serving almost 30 in one sitting.  This was followed very swiftly after by a large party of holidaying Germans for homemade scones, chocolate brownies and clotted cream on the deck.  Of course John took it all in his stride, and was soon back out on the mower getting the pitches spick and span for the new arrivals. I was chief waitress, and delivery lady, as of course we deliver even to the pitches in the meadow field, so some days running shoes are needed! We had help with cakes from Kymberley Brooks  on a recent short stay with us, and Camp Daddy has competition with Camp Daughter, and Kym’s Cakes may be a regular next year during school holidays as Kym is a teacher.

With the benefit of some lovely sunny clear, evenings our fire-pits are extremely popular.  At the moment all fire-pits are out every evening, and it is so lovely to see the rising smoke over the site and families sitting around them enjoying natural beauty.  Who needs tv – certainly not our campers, and we get a run for change out of the till  just before closing, for card betting which is far more fun :). Of course last night our campers got to meteor watch and how special is that.

We always ask our campers to keep us posted on what is hot, and what is not!

At the moment hot is:-

1. Porthpean Beach for swimming and good family fun and swimming.

2. Hemmick Beach for doggies, and more seclusion as there are no facilities there, just a beautiful beach.

3. Lobbs Farm Shop for all of your BBQ produce, and special treats.

4. Mackerel fishing out of Mevagissey Harbour

5. Sam’s on the Beach – if you are lucky enough to get a table.

6. The Polgooth Inn for good home cooked food, and great beer.

Blue Vintage

7. Freshly cooked pancakes served up at The Meadows by Blue Vintage on a Thursday tea-time, and often on a Saturday too.

8. The walk down to Pentewan Village on the Pentewan Valley trail and tea at The Ship Inn, especially in the beer garden.

9. Swimming in the sea, as the weather has been good enough to.

10. The zip wire ride at the Eden Project, and the 3.30pm reduced priced Eden tickets!

11. Roskillys Caramel Crunch Ice Cream being by far the most popular flavour.

12. Camp Daddy John’s full monty breakfast baguette with HP sauce, devoured on our sunny deck area with a Cafetiere of fresh coffee.

13. Bunting, bunting and more bunting.  IMG_6820Thank you Happy Campers for brightening up our site and making such a special effort.

Very pleased to report that everything is hot, and nothing is not so………. , except for the mean rain clouds!!

Lottie Caravan, and Masiy Tipee Tent have been enjoying their summer guests, and vice versa.  Lottie Caravan keeps asking for a sister, and so we are on the lookout.

imageNews from Camp Dog Harvey

It appears not only are we Dog Friendly, but we are also Cat Friendly too, as we had a pussy cat to stay last week.  It was a poorly pussy cat and needed to have medication every day so for this reason, I was very kind and left it alone.

My “little girls” these being the two grey bantams spent their first night in the “big girls” house last week.  Before that they had  laid their eggs in there, but went to bed in their own special little house – “just the two of them”.  We have decided still to leave the little bantam house there, as all the girls like to sit on top of it in the day catching rays.

Fat dog slim

Fat dog slim

It is a good job I am not overly sensitive as I was given some “Fat Dog Slim” treats this week.  Was somebody trying to tell me something.  I do have a friend called Tubby who is Tubby by name and tubby by nature.  I have always thought I was on the slender side, and I still do and most of what you see is fur.  However, I did eat the whole bag of treats to be polite, and did not take offence.  May be I will get a hair cut, and then you will see that it is all muscle, and I have a mighty fine six-pack ;).

We took a delivery for a camper the other day, and it turned out to be a Cool Coat.  Have been checking this out, and think I might put one on my Xmas list, as this would be far cooler, than the old pink flannel on my head.


That is a funny looking duck

There has been  sightings of the hedgehog this week, and also an intruder in the duck house!

Well the school holidays are flying by, and that Indian Summer is now just around the corner.  We have taken lots of bookings for September, but we do IMG_7111still have pitches available with electric, and for “proper camping” here at The Meadows Campsite, Pentewan. We are very close to Mevagissey & Heligan Gardens, and within a 15 minute drive to the Eden Project. Lottie Caravan also has availability for renting. and if the weather stays good Maisy Tipee Tent will remain in place.  If you would like to join us for an Indian Summer break, then contact us here to book your stay, or telephone 01726 844383.  The area itself will be quieter and Heligan and Eden will be looking lovely.  It will also be cooler for walking and cycling, so an ideal time for a holiday.