The last of Cornwall’s Summer Festivals, and they say the best are left until last….

September 12, 2013 3:56 pm Published by Comments Off on The last of Cornwall’s Summer Festivals, and they say the best are left until last….

With this being our first season, The Meadows Team (me, Lynn, John & Camp Dog Harvey) are very much in to getting “in the know”. We want to ensure that our guests experience as much as possible during their stay with us, whether this be on a foodie element, or walking and cycling around the area.IMG_6820

We are extremely pleased to learn that there is still so much going on during the months of September and October.  This makes September and October an ideal time to spend some time down in the South West where the colder weather arrives much later than up North.

With Camp Dog Harvey’s assistance, I have been carrying out my research, and here are some of the things The Meadows Team would be enjoying if we were on holiday in Cornwall, basing ourselves at the lovely Meadows Campsite, Pentewan.

imageFirstly, what is happening at Eden – Camp Chef would have been down to Eden this week checking out the celebrity chefs, and picking up some top tips, and foodie treats.  If you are already here, then you can still hot foot it to Eden for the latter part of Celebrity Chefs Week which finishes on 15 September. There is then only a small break in between, and The Chilli Festival starts on 21 September, followed fairly swiftly after by Beer, Wine & Cider Week, and then a just beer day. How good does all of that sound, as it sounds great to me.

After all of the above, visit the Baobab Festival 7-13 October, and find out more about the super fruit, which you may by then be in need of for Vitamin C.

For more information on these extra special events visit

Secondly, we have “Festivals” – These festivals, appear on the whole to be geared towards food, drink, art and music, so “very nice” things that most of us enjoy.  The only down side is that a lot of very good events are being held on the same weekend – not the best planning, but if you want to visit more than one at least make it a long weekend trip.

Healey’s Cyder Farm are holding their first ever cyder and music festival in their famous orchards.  100 ciders (and ales) and 100 live acts during the weekend 27-29 September.

Cornwall, Food & Drink Festival– this will be held on Lemon Quay, Truo.  The regular and the giant farmer’s markets are extremely popular, and this festival will be a great one, as the local produce is so fabulous and plentiful.  Truro is also a great place for a festival, and around 40k visitors are expected.  I expect a certain member of The Meadows Team to go and check this one out, and report back to the other team members with some goodies and to cook up something nice.

Looe Music Festival – this is a little further afield from us at The Meadows.  However, if you just want to dip your toe in and attend one of the performances, and not be slap bang in the middle of music all weekend, a good place to visit during an extended weekend break. Again 27-29 September is the date for this festival!!

The Greenway Pro Charity Event – again, a little further afield from us at St Ives, but looks very good. This festival brings together surfing, live music arts and friendships.  A great event for non-surfers just to watch some of Europe’s finest surfers out on the water competing. This festival runs 17-21 September.

Boscastle Festival – This is a food, arts and crafts event.  Paul Ainsworth of Number 6, and Andy Appleton of Fifteen Cornwall, are to be doing cookery demonstrations, so Camp Daddy would like to be attending this one. Just the picture I have seen of fresh lobsters, and crab is enough of a temptation.

Thirdly, we have a local event. M. A. Grigg Country Store Open Day –  Another event for the popular September weekend, this one being Saturday 28th September.  We love Griggs any way, especially lunch at their cafe.  This open days include trade and craft stands, pets corners, and an auction. Griggs Country Store, is just up the road from The Meadows Campsite at Pendennis, Sticker.

deb's pictures 024Now, we know Campers are hardy people, and Cornwall is known for its much milder temperatures. Forget an expensive Hotel, or B&B, as it is too early to spend evenings indoors.  Save your money to spend at The Festivals, on lovely food to cook on the BBQ back at Camp. Enjoy being wrapped up in a blanket in the evening next to your firepit with a glass of Cornish Rattler Cider.   We are known for our hot powerful showers to keep you warm, and enjoy one of John’s breakfast baguettes and a pot of coffee or tea to set you up for the day ahead.  You could also cosy up in Lottie Caravan, enjoying dinner by beach hut lights, looking out over the meadow field.  I hope I am setting the scene, and getting you all on your way to The Meadows, for a late season camping or caravanning trip.

In between all of the above festivals, there are so many lovely walks and cycle rides to be enjoyed and best of all these and fresh air are free!!  The south west coast path and the Pentewan Valley Trails  are all so much quieter now, and all of the little coves look lovely, and very different out of high season.

Of course, also on this popular weekend of 27-29 September, we have our guests visiting us for the Geo Caching Event.  It is not too late to book for this, and this is a great out doors event in a lovely area, spending time with like minded people.

Other Camp News

The Team are very busy planning our winter work.  We know our guests love the wildlife our site attracts, and the informal way of our pitches, and the natural features such as the stream and meadow flowers.  All of these things, we love too, and our work is to further enhance the natural special features, but to improve the condition of the land which before we arrived had been unmanaged for many years. One of our first jobs is the expose the rest of the stream right down to the woodland, as pitching next to the stream has been so popular. We will keep you updated on the changes as they are made whilst camp gates are closed.  Other works involves a digger, lots of wood, stilts, and the need some big muscles, and lots of hard work!!

News from Camp Dog Harvey image

I am really enjoying September as it is that bit cooler, and my day time sleeps are less disturbed.  I have also enjoyed some down time, and so have been making lists of all of the lovely places my four legged guests have visited, and which I shall be off to when camp gates close. September has been the month for “one man and his dog”, with the “dog” usually being a Collie, and camping in the meadow.  I never like to stand too close to a Collie, as they give me a “tubby” complex.

We had a visit from a genetleman from the Environment Agency this week, testing our stream.  It would seem there are Otters in the valley, and so Camp Daddy is going to make some Otter houses to encourage them to make homes here at The Meadows.

The Owls and from the hoots, there are many of them are particularly vocal at the moment.  I like to go out in the garden and listen to them last thing at night before retiring to my Harvey bed for the night.  The owl box is still vacant, but I think it will be snapped up soon.

IMG_7102If you want to come and spend time at The Meadows, dog friendly Campsite, on the edge of Pentewan, close to Mevagissey, Fowey and Charlestown we would love to see you.  You can contact us here if you want to book, or telephone 01726 844383.  If you want to surprise us, or keep us on our toes, you should be safe to just pitch up and choose a spot. If you want to book a stay in gorgeous Lottie Vintage Caravan, then please call, or email us with your preferred dates.