The Meadows welcomes campfires

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IMG_7102The Meadows Team has recently spent a lot of time managing our “wood”. This means we have plenty of wood for our guests who enjoy a campfire which is of course a big part of traditional camping.

This has got us thinking about the reasons why campfires are so great, but I am sure we have missed out many :-IMG_0992

1. They are fantastic to cook on

2 They keep you warm

3. They dry your socks, and other items of clothing

4. They toast your fingers, and also your toes.

5. They make great crackling noises.

6. They stop you from watching TV.

7. They make people talk.

8. They smell amazing.

9. Marshmellows and jacket potatoes have never tasted so good.

image10. They keep away the midges.

News from Camp Dog Harveyimage

You know you need to eat a bit less when you sit on the passenger seat in the Landy and set off the seatbelt alarm.  Back to sitting in the back being chauffeured where I get away with it.

Crantock Beach 2

I don’t like sharing – Crantock

My favourite beach at the moment is Crantock Beach and I have had several outings there in the last few weeks as my owners love it too. The walking around there is great, and you cannot beat a sea bath at the end of a long walk.  It beats a bath in the sink any day of the week.

My claim to fame – I recently sat under the table at The Roseland Inn, Philleigh. just before Jonty Hearnden off the BBC Antiques programme.  I also left my coat under the table, he put his foot on it, and camp daddy had to crawl right underneath the table to retrieve it. What do you mean, you are not impressed by my claim to fame.

2014 Heatwave is on its way – it was in the Daily Mail, not once but twice so it must be true.  Also there can only be a drought this summer now that our land drainage channels have been completed.  Any way just to remind all those doggies out there, that before they sell out get your owners to order your cool coat ready for your camping trip.

Other Meadows News




We are counting down to opening, and time is flying by, and so many jobs are being ticked off.  The weather has finally been kind enough for the paint tins and brushes to come out.


After a bit of tlc

At the minute we have taken on a task with the brush painting of the hay rake and plough. After much research by farmer and father Bowler we are right on colours. The machines should be painted up and in position by the time we open.


After a bit of tlc

Latest update – this blog has been work in progress for a while as there has been so much dry weather we have been making hay while the sun shines. The machines are all painted up now and looking fab.

Planting – The Meadows is like an extension of our garden and we are very keen to develop this further.  Lots of wild flowers are of course doing their thing, and the meadow is coming alive. Heligan Gardens is on our doorstep and fantastic. Alex their head of nursery sales has been advising us and getting us some fine plants which are going in. Giants rhubarbs, grasess and hydrangeas are in. We have put in some lovely colourful plants to come in to fruition on our stream bank. The bluebells on the bank are already going to be fab this year. Our existing yellow flag irises should also put on a good show this year.

Mabel Caravan has now picked her spot on the campsite, and has decided on a corner stream side pitch.  Good choice Mabel. Her bright red sail has arrived and she is all ready for putting in position and getting dressed ready for her first guests. Mabel really is a classy caravan and is looking fabulous. Lottie and Mabel are taking part in a fashion shoot next week should be fun. We should also get some great new pictures for our website.

IMG_7106Bookings – We continue to be surprised at how popular our adult only campsite is, and it seems this is for a variety of reasons. This seems mainly for the attractiveness of a quieter site. With the terrible winter weather suffered by us all, it seems as well lots of people are booking up early to have a camping trip in the bag to look forward to. We are also ideally placed for camping and caravanning, Mevagissey, and for the gardens of Heligan and Eden.

To book a stay with us for the 2014 season you can do so here, or by telephoning 01726 844383. Lottie and Mabel Vintage Caravans are also popular with our adult guests looking for a special time away. With 2 caravans, we are able to be more flexible with changeover days. Please do always ask and we will try our hardest to accommodate your choice of stay.