A day in the life of Camp Dog Harvey……………………

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Deck security duty

Good Evening, or hi di hi to all of my camper friends, four legged included, and all general admirers out there.

It seems quite a while ago since my past life of being  Hrh, or just plain “H”. Well I am not quite sure how it happened,  but I am now Camp Dog Harvey, and loving it, and camp life is anything but boring!

Firstly some people think I am trying to use “the grumpy cat” as my role model, and if you have not seen the grumpy cat on you-tube, see it here.   I can assure you that I neither want to have a cat as a role model, or for you to think I am grumpy (all of the time).  It is more a serious face,  as I keep wondering where did all these people, tents, and vans come from, as this was my playground until 1 May.

I take my role of Camp Dog very seriously indeed, as I want to look after all of our guests and ensure that they have a most enjoyable time at The Meadows, and exploring this lovely part of Cornwall.


Time in the office

Today I have been in the office, assisting with getting the booking diary up to date, and replying to emails, as most of them are to me, or asking about me.   Whilst in the office, I googled “Camp Dog Harvey” and lots of pictures of me came up on the computer – how cool is that.

Well I thought I would share with you, what a day in the life of a Camp Dog entails, well this Camp Dog anyway.

Out hunting for garlic

My owners are early risers, and so we usually take an early morning stroll along the Little Winnick River, or through Kings Wood whilst our campers are still snoozing. Sometimes we venture out  further to Hallane Beach, should we need to replenish our stocks of wild garlic. I also try to find  new local walks all in the name of research, so that I can report back and add them to my other walks.  The Hallane beach walk is my particular favourite, and has now been walked by many of our guests, who love it too.

Checking on my girls

As soon as I return from my walk, and after eating my breakfast (not one of John’s breakfast baguettes unfortunately) I am straight to work.  One of my first jobs is to check on “my girls”, let them out of their little homes and open up their feeders.  At this time, I take the opportunity to remind them that they also have a job and that is to lay as many eggs as possible for the shop, cakes and breakfast baguettes.  No pressure girls ;), and we had our first “full house” yesterday so well done girls.

Out on my rounds

Next on my list of duties is site inspection, checking that all of our campers are happy and well, and taking orders for breakfast.  By the time I have finished site inspection, order and baguette delivery duties, it is tea break time.  My breaks are taken on the deck, but I am never off duty.  Whilst on the deck I have one eye open ensuring that I am ready to spring in to action when called upon to do so.

After tea break, I spend a good few hours in the office catching up on admin, and updating my “Dog Friendly Information”  welcome leaflet, and marking up maps to show you how to find my favourite “Dog Friendly” places.  Please have a look at my page on the website prior to arrival if you are bringing  your four legged friend.

Now this is where  it gets a bit hazy, as before you know it my owners are taking me for an evening walk, and then it is my dinner time.  I am sure I am not the only one who at the end of the day goes “where did that day go”.

Meeting and greeting

Does the grass need a mow?

Well you must be thinking “it’s a Camp Dog Life”, well I have to say you are not wrong most of the time.  My owners and I feel very lucky that we have had such lovely guests, who have still been happy and smiling even when it has rained.

If you have not already booked to visit this season, we do still have some pitches available.  You can just turn up and we will always try and find you a pitch.  However, booking in advance will secure you a pitch, and you can book here, or telephone my owners Lynn/John 01726 844383.

We are a small, sheltered campsite in the Pentewan Valley, Cornwall catering for camper vans, motorhomes, caravans and tents.  We are both dog friendly, and camp fire friendly, and we are just generally friendly. The walking around St Austell is fabulous, and we are great for camping and caravanning in the Mevagissey/Pentewan area. You can also walk to the fabulous Lost Gardens of Heligan from The Meadows, which is now dog friendly all year round.

Look out for our sign

I (that’s me Camp Dog Harvey), and my owners Lynn and John look forward to seeing you all this summer.  All we ask is that when you pack you bring the sunshine with you.





How lucky are we……………………

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This weekend has been fabulous at The Meadows Campsite, thanks to our guests, and also to the weather.  The small team of three has worked very hard, but it has been most enjoyable looking after our lovely guests of which we had quite a few.

The weather has been so kind most of the time, and we have had buckets full of sunshine.  Yes, it has been a little chilly at night, but our campers are very hardy, and came well prepared, and have been very snug in their units.  Our hot push button showers have passed the campers test, and in particularly were very welcomed on Sunday morning after our campers woke up to see jack frost had visited overnight.

Our fire pits have also gone down well this bank holiday weekend, for a birthday celebration, and just those enjoying the clear sky in the evening sitting out, relaxing and enjoying “camping” life.  John has been up and down the field a lot setting up the fire-pits, so they were ready to light, delivering the barrows of wood and collecting and cleaning the fire-pits out in the morning ready to set up again for the next night. We were well prepared as a lot of chopping had taken place beforehand and our wood store was pretty full, and one job for this week is more chopping for restocking.

All of our guests have enjoyed getting out and about on foot and on bikes this weekend, enjoying the beautiful area, and the sunny weather.  The Pentewan Valley Trail, in particular the part up to Heligan Gardens has been walked and cycled a lot, as have the gardens themselves, and the coffee and cake enjoyed at Lobbs Farm Shop Cafe. This walk really is a lovely walk from The Meadow up to Heligan and gives lovely views, and really adds to what is a fabulous car free day out.

One of this weekend’s visitors

The prize goes to this VW for being our most gorgeous visitor this bank holiday.

Almost all of our guests have also had at least one outing to the beach this weekend, and a drink at The Ship in the centre of Pentewan Village.  The keener walkers have  walked the round walk to Mevagissey along the trail, and then back via the south west coast path and this is the current favoured walk.  The four legged walkers have been keen to try out Camp Dog Harvey’s recent recommended walk and scamp down to Hallane beach.  All of Harvey’s new friends that persuaded their owners to take them there, gave it the “paws up”, and most also stopped off at Harvey’s local for a pint before walking back to camp.

Guests enjoying breakfast on our sunny deck

This weekend has made us feel quite European, as we have welcomed Swiss, Italians, and a few German families as guests  here at The Meadows.  John’s food seems to have gone down extremely well, in particular with the German families who have been enjoying breakfast baguettes on the deck, home-made cakes with Cornish clotted cream, and our home-made wild garlic pesto.  The pesto was so popular, the first batch had gone by Saturday morning.  We made a second early morning trip to Hallane and picked more wild garlic for another batch.

Our “girls” have felt the pressure this weekend, keeping the supply of eggs going just for the breakfast baguettes.   It was also great ice cream weather, and our choice of Roskillys Ice Cream flavours seems to have been a good one, though we shall soon be ordering more.

As there was a big German football match on Saturday, and our pub were hosting the quiz so the tv was off, we happily gave up our lounge so some of our German guests would not miss it.  We had supporter for both sides, and crowd control was not required.

This is our first season, and we really appreciate campers giving us a try for the first time, supporting us and for all the positive feedback we have received.  John’s breakfast baguettes delivered to the unit were the most popular of our “extras” this weekend, and the favoured filling by far was good old bacon & eggs. Lobb’s farm shop bacon really is the best bacon, and although we are biased our “girls” really do lay tasty eggs.

It is our guests that have now brought our campsite alive, and seeing so many happy faces makes all the hard work getting ready well and truly worth it.

Well the sun shone, for bank holiday weekend, the bbqs and campfires have been burning, and summer is now well and truly on its way. The forecast is also good now for some dry and warm weather.  For those, preferring the quieter times out of school holidays, then there are now a good few weeks of those for getting away.  You are more than welcome to book in advance with us, or to just hook up your van/pack your tent after watching the good old Countryfile weather forecast and just turn up.  If you want to book in advance, you can contact us by email here, or telephone me (Lynn), or John – 01726 844383.  Let us know whether you prefer the morning, afternoon, or the evening sun, and we will do our best to reserve a pitch most suited to you for when you arrive.

The Meadows small and sheltered campsite,  is great for Mevagissey and Pentewan camping and caravanning.  Our campsite is also  ideally situate for visiting the wonderful Lost Gardens of Heligan  (walking distance), and also the Eden Project. We cater for caravans, motor homes, camper vans, and tents (of all shapes and sizes).  If you arrive under your own steam (i.e without a car) then you will receive a discount off your pitch fee. Dogs are most welcome to camp  here with their owners of course, and we like to see campfires (off the ground).

Well, our first week passed by so quickly, and we are now in full flow of campsite life……………

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Firstly, as I type this I am now based in The Meadows  new office & shop.   When we constructed the shop, we changed the side to install the window, and what a good move that was.  I have a great view on to the bird tree, the stream and beyond. This week, I have spotted, blue, great, coal tits, yellow & wagtails, woody woodpecker, jays, 10 goldfinch at one time on the niger seed, and the naughty magpies.  Camera is poised as I really want to get a picture of the woodpecker feeding to share with you.  Am trying very hard, and it will happen!!image

Well, we got through our first full week.  Camp Dog is exhausted as he is finding being fussed and sitting under the office desk, or on the deck very hard work. We have seen his level of enthusiasm rise, and he is often seen standing outside the shop door observing the comings and goings of our campers.image

Work on site has not stopped since we opened, but the jobs we are doing, are nice quiet ones.  We have finished planting up the new flower beds in front of the shower block, and the lavender and hydrangeas are growing well.

As you have probably gathered The Meadows team love wildlife, food, the outdoors, and making and creating our own things. There are so many things we have wanted to do since we arrived, but with the other “big site job” these were put further down the list, and are now making it to the top.


Yes, this is our duck house, constructed from material left over from the shop.  It is painted “duck egg” blue, as we think that is the biggest hint we can give to the ducks.  It was constructed in the area of the bank where a big “duck pooh” had been spotted.  If nothing else by having a duck house, John thinks he must qualify to stand as an MP;  As we don’t want our owls who are definitely around to feel uncared for, we have made a request from my father Terry for a couple of owl boxes, and there are lots of great trees for these to be positioned in.

This morning whist I am doing “office” jobs with CD assisting, John is building chicken house number one.  We will then be starting interviewing chickens.  Whilst we want them to be pretty, funny and interesting, they must come up with the goods.  Eggs are very popular on the campsite, and the girls will be looked after with a very nice home, lots, of sweetcorn and other good food. Luckily we do also have an excellent supplier from our “friends with hens”, as we need eggs for baking, eggs for breakfast baguettes, and for egg banjos.

We also have in mind to do “rent a hen” for our campers.  This would mean if you were staying with us for a week, or more, you could have your own hens to look after, and take the eggs to enjoy during your stay.  Good idea or not????? Email me -lynn@themeadowspentewanvalley.co.uk and let us know if you think good, or bad idea before we start construction of houses especially for two chucks.

Yesterday, I placed our first order for Roskillys ice cream, and this will be here early next week.  Delicious organic  ice cream and I hope you will like my choice of flavours.  This ice cream is really special, and would be fab with one of John’s home made chocolate brownies, or squidgy ginger and date cake.  Yes, more cake baking has taken place at The Meadows, with Thursday evening, being “baking evening”.  Team effort – I source the ingredients, clear up after the baker, and taste test, and John bakes, although we might role swap soon!

Outside of camp gates –

All the gardens are starting to flourish, and our guests are enjoying particularly enjoying the walk up to Heligan Gardens, and to the beach both along the stunning Pentewan Valley Trail.

We have had some keen walkers and cyclists in and it is lovely to see our campers getting out in the fresh air exploring the Pentewan Valley Trail, and further afield.  There has been quite a few days of great beach weather, and Pentewan Sands has seen our guests enjoying beach combing.

Mevaggisey feast week, is getting close, and a lot of hard work is going in to making this an extremely special week, and an ideal week to come and stay for foodies!  We shall also be taking it in turns to pop along, to purchase some food for cooking going on at The Meadows.

Pentewan Village – during bank holiday weekend, you can take a stroll down to Pentewan Sands, and whilst in the village visit Jennifer Hocking’s exhibition of paintings of local coastal scenes and flowers

News from Camp Dog Harvey-

I am very pleased that my four legged friends have been enjoying my suggested walks, and places to visit.  Hemmick Beach seems to be getting the most “paws up” . I fully understand why, as this is a truly beautiful beach and is great for rock climbing, ball chasing, paddling, and generally having a good old run around.

Heligan Gardens now accepts dogs all year round, and so you get to enjoy a great walk up there and a wander around the beautiful gardens.


Chickens – I am happy to accept new members to The Meadows Team.  I will help look after the girls when they arrive on camp :).

Life here is definitely a “Camp Dog’s” life.  You will either find me in the office, under the desk keeping out of the way of being given any jobs!! If I am not there, and the sun is out, I will be on the deck.  From here, I have a great view of the camp site so I can keep one eye open, which can be hard, as I would rather have both closed .photo

During camp site season, I always start the day with a walk in to the village to collect newly laid eggs from our “friends with hens”.  When I knock off duty, I get to have a good old run around King’s Woods which I love. Check out “my page” for more information for you four legged friends looking to come and stay.

The booking line has been hot this week following Martin’s Dorey’s great twitter feedback, and thank you to all those who have booked to stay at The Meadows to enjoy camping in Pentewan.  We cater for tents of all shapes and sizes, motor homes, and caravans. We also like bunting, and are dog friendly! Our touring park is on the edge of Pentewan, close to Mevagissey, The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Eden and right on the Pentewan Valley Trail.  You will never be short of things to do, especially for car free days.

Please contact us here to book your stay, although if you just turn up we will always try and find you a pitch.  Alternatively please telephone 01726 844383/ 07712599745. We look forward to seeing you this season.

What a fab few first days………………….

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imageWell, we have been blessed with sunshine and fantastic guests at The Meadows at the start of our new, and indeed first season here.

The site has really come alive with our guests setting up their pitches, and relaxing in the sunshine.image

Spot the tent - secluded pitch.

Spot the tent – what a secluded pitch.

All our facilities have gotten the thumbs up especially the hot power showers in our wet rooms, and our new deck.

The reception and shop are looking very colourful, and out of the window it is like spring watch with the bird feeders full of goldfinches, blue tits, great tits and coal tits. Unfortunately, the Kingfisher did not make an appearance this weekend, but the owls have been hooting well in the evenings.

To celebrate our opening weekend, we had a bbq on the new deck with John’s home-made burgers, sausages & home-made coleslaw. The stove was properly christened too with some onions and garlic slowing cooking – ooh ooh the smells at the Meadows this weekend.

Our first cakes have been made, and so our first guests were our guinea pigs and with a dollop of Cornish clotted cream everything went down a treat. We need to get baking again, to replenish stocks for our next guests.image

Martin Dorey was a guest here as well this weekend, with his lovely family. In true Campervan Cookbook style Martin cooked up a paella on a very smart dutch oven, so there was a trade of goodies, and aromas. The paella was delicious, and the recipe is on it’s way to us. There was also some traditional marshmallow toasting over the fire. We shall be looking in to one of those ovens for our “dish of the day” nights in the summer. There was certainly no shortage of food this weekend.


The Meadows shop declared officially open by Martin Dorey

Martin was very kind enough to “officially” open The Meadows Camp Site shop, and try out our eggs, supplied by “friends with hens & ducks” in Pentewan. The eggs are already very popular, and so we hope the chucks can keep up with the demand. Hopefully, we will soon be getting some of our own chucks as well so that will take some of the pressure off.


Camp Dog has been enjoying all of the fuss he has received from the guests, but I don’t think he quite knows what to make of it all.  At the moment he is sitting under my desk in the reception, and this spot seems to be second favourite to the deck, for sleeping of course, not working!!! He has been out walking down the Pentewan Trail this weekend, and he also participated at the BBQ

We have been very keen to get feedback from our guests this weekend, and so far so good.  Ladies (and any gents with a blow drying need) the complimentary hair dryer, and mirror are on order, and will be here soon. Ice cream will be on its way in to the shop, and I am just completing my ice cream research before placing the first order.  It is at present between Roskillys & Callelstick, and both are absolutely delicious, with lots of great flavours.  John is at this very moment making the phone charging cabinet to be installed in our reception, another example of up-cycling as it will be a bespoke wooden one!

All of our guests seem very pleased with the naturalness of the site, the setting and the general rustic feel. Our guests have also been admiring the restored treasures on display, and most now containing plants.image

It would be our pleasure to welcome you to The Meadows as your base to enjoy this beautiful area of Cornwall.  Why not leave the car on camp some days, and enjoy the walking to Pentewan Sands, Heligan Gardens, Mevagissey, and exploring Kings Wood.  We are happy for guests to just turn up, and pitch up.  However, to book in advance, please contact us here, or telephone 01726 844383/07712599745.  Our touring park is 3 miles from St Austell, dog friendly and caters for tents of all shapes and sizes, motor homes and caravans, and we look forward to seeing you this season.



Come on in we’re open…….

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Well, The Meadows Team (that’s me Lynn, John & Camp Dog Harvey) have pulled it off!  The camp gates are open and we have already had our first guests.








The site on opening was looking so welcoming, with full sun, bright blue sky and lots of bunting, and a freshly mown meadow field.

Ready for guests

Ready for guests…..


Our first guests

Our first guests

Camp Dog was still studying his job description when John and I with big smiles on our faces opened the gate for our first season.  We have worked so hard over the last twelve weeks, on a project that was initially very daunting.  Our budget was limited, and so a lot of the work we have done ourselves, and we both feel extremely proud at what we have achieved in short space of time. At the same time making a house a home.

We are now really looking forward to looking after guests at The Meadows, and our guests enjoying the fruits of our labour, and enjoying this sunny spot in the Pentewan Valley. We are a small, dog friendly touring park very close to Mevagissey, and to the Lost Gardens of Heligan with great walks in all directions.

The last work to be done prior to opening was our new deck, and shop/office. The office arrived on Monday as just a pile of wood, and even the doors and windows had to be made up. The shop was literally being painted before and during assembly. Now that we are open we plan to do the nice quiet jobs such as planting up the beds and other landscaping, baking cakes, cooking breakfast baguettes for our guests, and keeping the burner burning, and logs flowing. We also look forward to chatting with our guests  and hearing all about the walks you do, and the places you visit.Our new deck, reception & shop

The tables and chairs for our new deck arrived today.  We will be offering coffee and cake. I have also been saving my Coast magazines, and putting together other reading material such as Martin Dorey’s Campervan Cookbook for guests to enjoy on the deck, together with lots of walking information.

Martin Dorey  is a seasoned campervan camper, and we are really looking forward to gaining some tips from him during his stay this weekend as to tasty and easy camping cooking that we can share with our guests. Martin may also help us out as to what we should stock in our shop, although I am aware Martin forages a lot of his food.

Now back to Camp Dog’s job description, he does not quite seem to have got it. We now think a few weeks working with the huskies in the winter would have been good training. Two days on official duty, and not even one eye has been open for most of the day.  Snoozing in the sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon, waking up just for his Boneo and gravy bones at lunchtime. We shall give him the benefit off the doubt, and hope that he is just conserving energy for the bank holiday weekend. If not we may have to have a quiet word in his spaniel ear and spell his role out more clearly ;).image

For all those last minute campers, there is still time to come and camp at The Meadows, St Austell this bank holiday weekend. It really is a great time of year for walking, especially the beautiful south west coastal path, or picturesque Pentewan Valley trail, or indeed cycling the trail covering more miles and seeing more. For something less energetic, Mevagissey, Fowey and Charlestown are always fab for a mooch. If you are foodies looking for somewhere good to eat, we will happily point you in the right direction as you are spoilt for choice.To book call 01726 844383/07712 599745.We do not expect to be full, so you can also just turn up with your tent, campervan, or caravan and pitch up, savouring the aromas from the camervan cookbook martin’s vvs campervan.

We want to share our first season with all you campers out there. Two of the team, are full of energy and raring to go. We are also confident that Camp Dog will step up to the mark.  If you cannot make this weekend and you like to plan ahead, contact us by telephone or email to make a booking.


All we need now is our camping guests…………

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The sunshine is booked, for opening, bank holiday weekend, and beyond.Come on in campers

Thanks to having friends who enjoy a ‘working holiday’ we have got so much done the last week, and the facilities have been tested and given the thumbs up. In particular the hot push button showers have gone down a treat, as has the stove on the newly erected deck. The deck gets the sun until it sets, and Camp Dog has soon found the best spot for sun sitting. Whilst christening the deck and stove in very late evening, we have seen two deer strolling through the site.  We have also been listening to both barn and tawny owls, though it was too dark to actually see them, but they were most definitely there. imageShower cubicle/wet room

The shower block is looking fabulous if I say so myself, and finished off with some ‘quirky’ signs, and nice bits in the cubicles.  This was done late as I did lots of research as to what made a good shower facility, so you should not be missing anything – boys or girls.


imageBeing new campsite owners, we are a little nervous that one of our first guests is The Campervan Cookbook man Martin Dorey off the TV. Martin picked the site to visit and do an article for a camping magazine.  For anyone coming and pitching near his red van, you can expect some good camping food smells. I took one of his books on our campervan trip in NZ so I am hoping to get this signed. Camp Dog is hoping Beardie Bob, the camper van dog will give him some info on a camping dog’s life. In return Harvey will tell BB about life as Camp  Dog, and also his favourite walks, and dog friendly beaches.

It is not only the site that is looking great the Pentewan Valley itself is looking very colourful. Walking by the Little Winnick River you will still see lots of primroses, and we now also have blue bells. Although quite late everything is really greening up now, and the weather is also warming up a treat.

If you are still undecided about what to do for May bank holiday, you still have time to organise a trip to The Meadows our small touring park, three miles from St Austell. We are right on the Pentewan Valley trail close to Mevagissey, Charlestown, and the lost gardens of Heligan.  The Eden Project is also only a short drive away. We have lovely pitches next to the stream, and are dog friendly.  You can enquire here, or telephone 01726 844383.

If you cannot make it this weekend, then you might want to consider booking for the fabulous Mevagissey Feast week which is not that far away. Check out what is going on for this www.mevagisseyfeastweek.org.uk

Countdown to opening has begun……………….

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Here at The Meadows, we (John, Camp Dog Harvey & me) are all really pulling all the stops out for opening to welcome guests on 1 May.


Ready for laying……..

Well firstly we laid 800 square metres of ‘grass protecta’ finishing last Friday evening.  It took the  two of us almost three days to lay, with camp dog supervising.

Hardstanding grass pitch waiting for a mow

Hardstanding grass pitch ready for mowing

It is green in colour and so blended in straight away. After day one the grass was already coming through the first ones laid.  Now after a week a lot of it is barely visible which is just amazing. Good job I was quick off the mark getting an initial picture.  We cannot wait for our guests to try out our new pitches which are ‘hardstanding green grass pitches’. We are so pleased as the natural look of our small touring park has been retained.

The old harbour railings found on site have now been sanded, painted and finish off our new shower block steps lovely with a big thick rope though them.

There has been a lot of digging going on, and my dad got stuck in with this on a recent visit.     Having not been tended for many years there were some humongous weeds that came out of the ground. We are ready to plant up now our new beds which John has edged with old sleepers and stone found on the site. We are thinking of lavender and hydrangeas, and we also have an old granite trough to plant up too.

This weekend the shower block is being painted and there will be some more landscaping. going on. Erecting our shop will be last before opening.  I could name and shame the company who have let us down with delivery, as the first delivery was cancelled because we live in Cornwall!!!! We are at least getting on with the base and the deck where our guests can enjoy their breakfast baguette, or coffee and cake. John’s sister Jayne from Devon came to visit last weekend with a sticky date and ginger cake. It was the nicest cake I have ever eaten and so that is one ‘we’ will definitely be making.

Everything here is really greening up, and the birds seem to be having a great time. We seem to have our own resident kingfisher which has been spotted now a few times fishing in the stream.  We think this is really special and hope it stays.  We also have a large buzzard’s nest at the top of a tree which may get used this year.


Quality control

Camp Dog has been keeping the pigeons at bay who have been trying to feast on grass seed. This has been in between fiinding all the best places to snooze in the sun, on site, whilst still managing to keep one eye open for his supervisory/security role ;). CD has also been testing the quality of the stream water for drinking. It has got the ‘paws up’ and indeed CD says he prefers it to his usual Evian.

Thank you to everyone who has already booked to stay at our lovely small & dog friendly touring park on the edge of Pentewan, St Austell, and close to Mevagissey.  We look forward to welcoming you with sunshine. If you have not already booked, then please do give The Meadows touring park a try.  The Pentewan Valley really is a beautiful spot, in Cornwall and so close to the likes of Heligan Gardens and Mevagissey.  John is also all geared up for cooking his breakfast baguettes, and we will both be baking.  You can enquire here, or telephone 01726 844383/07712599745. We welcome motor homes, caravans, and tents of all shapes and sizes.